A Remedy For Travel In The Time Of COVID


What is Travel in The Time of Covid?

For example, if you are American and your target is Italy, the question seems a riddle. This being my predicament, I’ve considered a little remedy that may apply more broadly to you and wherever you wish you were headed.
Remember the joys of the journey and try to recreate them at home. Believe that adventure can be found where connections are made and renewed. Refresh the sensory input with something unfamiliar, or shockingly good. 

Andee Sorenson

Here’s one way to journey and refresh yourself in The Time of Covid…

Though some of us are still not allowed into the Bountiful Boot of Indulgence that is Italia, many of its precious edibles and elixirs are allowed to travel to us. In partnership with some friends in Tuscany and Puglia, my company, Traveling Native, has a growing list of offerings from small farms and artisans who make high quality food and wines that are otherwise unavailable outside of Italy.

“A person susceptible to “wanderlust” is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation.”

Pico Iyer

Our new venture is ASAP ITALIA.

The excitement about introducing products to you that are nurtured with passion and cherished at their source is at the heart of our mission. ASAP ITALIA’s summer listing of goods comes from small family farms and kitchens in Tuscany’s Lucca Province. The bottles of vino and olio and aceto contain the seasonal sunshine and rainfall over Lucca’s lush and undulating plateau. All of our products embody generations of tradition. They deliver adventure to your palate. To your doorstep, arrives a genuine taste of Tuscany, until you can immerse yourself in its landscape.

Andee Sorenson

Now, in The Time of Covid, is a time to celebrate travel by recognizing its commitment to many things, not all of which require physical movement. When we travel for pleasure we want escape and enjoyment. Depending upon tastes, there’s an appetite for doses of enlightenment and personal transformation. We can have all of that now if we remember the joys, believe in connection, and commit to refreshing the senses.

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    • Wine
    • Olive Oil
    • Vinegars
    • Truffle and Porcini Mushroom sauce
    • Variety of Artisanal Sauces Condiments for Pasta, Rice, Spreads
    • Variety of Artisanal Marmalades and Preserves
    • Dried Herb Mixes
    • Dried Mushrooms
    • Hand-Made Pasta from Lucca
    • Tuscan Olives
    • Aged Cheeses
    • Artisan Chocolates
    • Typical Cookies from Lucca Province
    • Local Honey
    • Locally Milled Flours
    • Locally grown Farro
    • Local dried beans and legume


About ASAP ITALIA & Andee Sorenson

Andee Sorenson


We source high quality food and wine from small Italian farms and artisans, who currently have zero presence outside of Italy, and deliver directly to your door.

Andee Sorenson, Founder of Traveling Native

Andee founded Traveling Native in 2009 with the mission of connecting curious travelers to Italy, where she has lived and worked for over two decades. Experiencing Italy with her is like going home. Her vision is: by traveling native, visitors plug directly into a sense of belonging and become part of The Art of Italian Enjoyment.

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