Prime’s ‘The Pact’ Is The Next Best Binge-Worthy TV Series

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The Pact is a murder-mystery series on Amazon Prime, centering on a few middle-aged women who are each faced with impossible situations. They all work at Evans Brewery for Jack Evans (played by Aneurin Barnard), a spoiled rich kid who’s on a path toward self destruction with fast cars, drug abuse, and antisocial behavior. He’s been handed the business by his father, Arwel, who was always a good boss.

The brewery is celebrating 100 years in business, but it won’t be around for the next 100 if Jack has anything to do with it. He appears hell-bent on destroying everything around him. As the first episode heats up, a not-so-friendly contest for the brewery’s supervisory position turns nasty and ultimately comes down to Jack’s misogynistic, cruel, and sexist power play.

There may not be much to celebrate for Evans Brewery, but the female workers still have each other’s backs. In true who-done-it style, though, a prank goes horribly wrong, and it’s anyone’s guess who the culprit could be. Every character has their own deep, dark secrets. It’s just a matter of time before every last one is revealed.

It’s interspersed with family drama, gambling, betrayal, and perhaps even something akin to sacrifice and redemption. The twists and turns of the series make it binge-worthy, but the characters keep you coming back for more. Julie Hesmondhalgh (who plays Nancy) says it attracted the cast to the “really complex and flawed female characters at the heart of it.”

Beyond the “pact” four women make to keep a secret, families are torn apart and the only question remaining is whether justice can or will ever be served. “It’s like going into a maze,” says Eiry Thomas (who plays Jack’s Aunt Louie). “They’re going to be turned, go down one alley, and then they’re going to be walking around but ultimately, they will find their way out.”

Ultimately, it comes down to forgiveness and the value of friendship. It runs deeper than a simple matter of friends who will do anything for each other. Thomas says, “You’ll find something good at the end. It is satisfying. I was very satisfied reading it.” But, it’s also frustrating. It might have ended the only way it possibly could have, but there’s still an element of sickening and terrible loss.

Eddie Marsan (Arwen) says: “I think at the end they’re going to think, ‘Right, what am I going to do now?’ There’s going to be an element of frustration because it’s ending.” It makes you question the nature of friendship, love, family, and justice. But, it also may just be that there are no real winners in the story. There are only survivors.

I was intrigued enough to binge-watch the show from beginning to end, but I’m not the only one.

I LOVE the comparison to Mare of Easttown, and I’d love to see more shows like this in 2022!


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