These Lululemon Dupes From Amazon Are Affordable And Just As Fashionable

“It’s scientifically proven that if you feel cute, you work out harder.”

Okay, maybe it’s not science, but if you ask any woman, she will ultimately agree with this statement. When we feel cute in our workout clothes, our motivation completely spikes, making the result seem better than if we had just thrown something on and walked out the door. As necessary as cute activewear can feel, it can often be out of our budget to afford the fits we desire. What’s a girl to do? Search Amazon, that’s what!

Amazon is a fantastic place to find knockoffs of your favorite activewear lines at a fraction of the cost – meaning you can fill up your wardrobe with flattering pieces at the same cost it would be to purchase one pair of shorts at that high-end retail spot you love so much! I’ve searched Amazon for the best Lululemon dupes and listed their links here so you can shop from the comfort of your own home.


Blooming Jelly Womens Quick-Dry Running Shorts

These cute track shorts are remarkably similar to the expensive brand’s “Track That High Rise” shorts. They come in multiple colors and are super lightweight.  The shorts also have built-in underwear, making the cuts on the sides not so scary. As a bonus, they also have pockets that could easily fit your phone, chapstick, or anything small that you may need during your sweat session.

SHOP – $24.49+

LULUlemon dupes

LULUlemon dupes

PERSIT Women’s High Waist Print Workout Shorts

These shorts are a lot like the Lululemon “Align” shorts – biker short style with tummy control and completely squat proof. I love how not only do they come in multiple colors, but you also have a few trendy patterns to choose from as well! And for under $25, you can’t beat the price! A total workout staple, so grab a few pairs while you’re at it!

SHOP – $17.99+


Zeronic Women’s Padded Sports Bra

This cute but sexy sports bra is almost exactly like the “Cloud” sports bra over at Lululemon, and at a fraction of the cost! They both come with removable pads and plenty of support, as well as a cute criss cross-style strap detail on the back. I would snag this top up for your next gym session, and don’t waste your time on its pricey counterpart.

SHOP – $14.98

SPORTS BRAsports bra

SPORTs bra Lululemon dupes


CRZ YOGA Racerback Crop Top

This racerback-style crop tank is a complete copy of Lululemon’s “Ebb to Train” sports bra. A smooth and athletic look that would go perfectly with the first shorts mentioned in this article! They both come in multiple colors and this has a built-in bra, making the support equal on both sides. If you’re looking for a cute top that won’t show a ton of skin, this is it.

SHOP – $24

90 Degree By Reflex Running Track Jacket

The ultimate jacket for the gym and beyond! This jacket is a complete twin of the pricer brand’s “Define” jacket, but at a much lower cost. Meant to hug your curves, this jacket will make you feel less frumpy leaving your gym session. I love the holes in the sleeves for your thumbs, as they allow for extra warmth and coverage when you need it. 

SHOP – $39.99

lululemon dupes

Tennis skirt

BALEAF High Waisted Tennis Skirt

If working out in skirts is your thing, Lululemon makes some super cute and functional ones that will have you second guessing why you ever worked out in shorts in the first place. But at $70 and up, they can often be a bit out of our budget. This skirt is a replica of the “Court Rival” skirt, without the hefty price tag.  Whether it’s for a game of tennis or running errands, this skirt is a must have!

SHOP – $27.99


What are your favorite LuluLemon dupes? Let us know in the comments!

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