August 1, 2022

Podcast Episode #58- Intrusive Thoughts

Episode 58: Show Notes

Have you ever had a thought that stopped you in your tracks and made you question your own sanity? Well, you are not alone! In today’s episode of She’s A Full-On Monet, we are discussing intrusive thoughts and how to handle them. Tuning in, you’ll hear how to redirect pesky thoughts, the importance of distinguishing between an intrusive thought and a thought that may be potentially dangerous in action, and when thoughts like these are most likely to appear. We also delve into how intrusive thoughts can be a form of control, when to seek professional help, and the shame that accompanies these thoughts, as well as how to handle intrusive thoughts in children. Finally, we discuss why impulsive reactions are problematic and should be avoided. To hear all about the importance of discussing mental health and why intrusive thoughts are mostly normal, join us today! 

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How To Handle And Overcome Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The shame that accompanies mental health issues and keeps people from asking for help. 

  • How the conversation has changed around mental health since we were in school. 

  • The importance of being kind to people because we are unaware of their struggles. 

  • Why you have to tell your children when you’re having a hard time. 

  • One of the most ignored mental health issues: intrusive thoughts. 

  • How to handle intrusive thoughts: distract yourself and redirect your thoughts. 

  • Why we must distinguish between those having the thought and those planning to action it.

  • When intrusive thoughts are most likely to appear: in moments of feeling overwhelmed. 

  • Kelly’s experience with her colic baby and the physical effect a crying baby has on its mother. 

  • How intrusive thoughts can be a form of control. 

  • The point at which intrusive thoughts become something dangerous.

  • When to seek professional help to work out what is rational and logical and what isn’t.

  • The shame that accompanies intrusive thoughts. 

  • How to handle intrusive thoughts with children. 

  • Why impulsive reactions are never good reactions. 

  • The importance of being ‘in the know’ with your children. 


“We really never know what’s going on in other people’s minds unless they tell us.” — Kelly Castillo [0:06:28]

“In your mind, you can have all sorts of scenarios happen and they’re only in your mind. It’s when you act on them or do something about it or those start to manifest into thinking it’s what you must do, then that becomes a really unsafe space to be.” — Megan Block [0:14:52]

“Sometimes the thoughts, especially if they’re repeated, plant seeds in your head of what’s possible.” — Kelly Castillo [0:27:29]

“We start to normalize the radical when we’re in a moment of almost fight or flight. So, just see that as a sign that you need to get some help, whatever that form is.” — Megan Block [0:29:17]

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