June 20, 2022

Podcast Episode #54- Ending Adult Friendships

Episode 53: Show Notes

It might be a case of someone saying the wrong thing or falling through on an important commitment but, more often than not, adult friendships tend to come to a close with both parties gradually drifting apart. Regardless of how it happens, ending a friendship can be just as painful and confusing as breaking up with a romantic partner, if not more, so why don’t we talk about it more often? Today’s episode tackles this difficult topic by looking at some of the reasons adult friendships end, how to know when it’s the right time to pull the plug, and how to navigate conflict resolution, awkward moments, and difficult seasons. We also touch on the importance of putting in the work, the value of maintaining friendships through the different chapters in your life, and why we believe you should give people the opportunity to surprise you, plus so much more! Every relationship gives you the opportunity to grow and learn something new. Tune in today to hear our perspective on adult friendships, why they end, and what you can learn about yourself (and others) in the process!

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Adult Friendships: Knowing When One Is Over & How To Break It Off

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some of the reasons that Kelly’s adult friendships have come to an end.

  • The importance of learning to navigate through conflict in friendships.

  • Why closure and open, honest communication are so important to Megan.

  • Dealing with different conflict resolution styles.

  • The value of making friendship a priority, even when there is distance between you.

  • Strategies for addressing conflict if confronting someone is too difficult; write them a letter!

  • Why we believe our relationships are meant to facilitate growth and joy, not negativity.

  • How adult friendships can ebb and flow depending on what is happening in your life.

  • Kelly tells the story of ending a friendship that didn’t align with her values.

  • How envy or personal dissatisfaction can manifest as gossip about others.

  • Why Kelly believes that your friends deserve to know why the friendship is ending.

  • Learning to navigate the awkward moments and difficult periods in adult friendships.

  • The deep connections you can build if you put in the work.

  • Maintaining friendships through the different chapters in your life.

  • The value of giving people the opportunity to surprise you; have that difficult conversation!


“I don’t know any friendships, good friendships, that are based on things that are real that don’t have conflict at [some point]. You need to be able to navigate through that just like you would in any relationship.” — Megan Block [0:07:09]

“It’s okay to outgrow people. It’s okay for the circumstances to change and for you not to be as close as you once were. It doesn’t need to be dramatic. It doesn’t need to be the end of everything.” — Kelly Castillo [0:20:40]

“Sometimes, people are in your life because there’s a lesson there that you need to learn or some growth opportunity for you in your soul. If we only care about people that are easy to care about, then we’re not growing.” — Kelly Castillo [0:24:37]

“It’s easy to only have the people around you and socialize with the people that fit your current version of your story, but we have so many different chapters of our life.” — Megan Block [0:43:20]

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