July 4, 2022

Podcast Episode #56- Having It All

Episode 55: Show Notes

An unrealistic expectation has been created for women everywhere: the idea of ‘having it all.’ This dangerous narrative is one that women everywhere are struggling to keep up with! Today on She’s a Full On Monet, we discuss why the idea of ‘having it all’ is a myth that is impossible to fulfill. Tuning in, you’ll hear how Kelly’s self-care took a knock when she tried to have it all, how difficult social media makes managing these expectations, and why prioritizing your children is having it all. We also discuss how our own personal trauma affects what we want to protect our children from, why financial freedom does not make you happy, and the dangers of comparison. You’ll hear all about the importance of being comfortable with who you are and eradicating negative thoughts about yourself before we show you how you can try to figure out what is important to you. To find out what ‘having it all’ means to you, join us now!

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Mom To Mom: Can We Really “Have It All” Nowadays?

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Discussing our Fourth of July plans. 

  • Why ‘having it all’ is an impossible myth we are made to believe.

  • What Kelly slacked on when she was trying to ‘have it all:’ her own self-care.

  • Why prioritizing your children is ‘having it all.’

  • How social media has made things difficult when it comes to raising children. 

  • The pressure of feeling everything has to be picture-perfect in your home. 

  • How our trauma affects what we want to protect our children from. 

  • Why financial freedom does not equate to happiness. 

  • The dangers of comparing your ‘success’ with that of the people around you. 

  • The importance of being comfortable with yourself.

  • How Kelly made the switch from needing everything to be perfect to focusing on happiness alone.

  • How toxic negative thoughts about yourself are and the dangerous cycle it creates. 

  • Encouraging listeners to do an exercise to help you figure out what is important to you.

  • How Covid helped us to really see the things we were only doing out of obligation. 


“If you make your whole life about your career, and your kids, and then one or both of those things comes to an end, it’s really jarring.” — Kelly Castillo [0:04:34]

“That’s where I prioritize my time because, to me, when I think of having it all, it’s being present for my children.” — Megan Block [0:07:23]

“It’s about, what do you think in your mind is having it all?” — Megan Block [0:08:54]

“I think everybody puts emphasis on things that maybe don’t hold as much weight as we think they do.” — Kelly Castillo [0:10:37]

“Comparison is the biggest thief of happiness in our lives.” — Kelly Castillo [0:18:35]

“I feel like the more we’re in tune with what we truly think is important to our soul and the core of who we are, that’s when we can actually prioritize if we’ve “made it” or not, right?” — Megan Block [0:29:06]

“People just need to do what feels right for them. We need to release ourselves from any kind of expectations that society, or social media, or any other thing has put on them, and just do what feels right for you and your family. Because it is a very individual thing.” — Kelly Castillo [0:32:39]

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