May 23, 2022

Podcast Episode #50- Emotional Burnout

Episode 50: Show Notes

Emotional burnout can come in many different forms. You can suffer burnout from working too hard, from the stress of caring for a sick relative, from expending all of your energy on your children. No matter the reason, there are some common symptoms that occur when you are emotionally burnt out. These include irritation, a lack of motivation, an unhealthy relationship with food, and exhaustion, among others. We’ve experienced all of them, and you probably have too, or you will at some point in your life. Although these feelings may make you want to run away from the world and all your problems, we have some better ideas! Join us for this week’s episode to hear some of our suggestions for curbing emotional burnout. Even in situations where you feel like you’ll never be able to catch a break or get yourself out of your dark headspace, we believe there is always something you can do to recharge your batteries and find a little bit of joy. We hope that this episode gives you the courage to make decisions that will benefit you and your mental health! 

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We’re All A Bit Emotionally Drained — Here’s How To Cope

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The context within which the term burnout is most commonly used. 

  • Examples of the many different types of emotional burnout.

  • How career burnout can be dealt with.

  • Why helping a loved one through emotional burnout can be a very lonely, challenging time.

  • The importance of having a support system and some kind of outlet.

  • Links between your mental and physical health.

  • Feelings that are common amongst people experiencing burnout.

  • Kelly shares a personal story that highlights what emotional burnout can look like.

  • Emotional burnout that comes with parenting. 

  • Unhealthy relationships with food that can develop as a result of burnout.

  • Advice for how to get fuel into your body without needing to cook a whole meal.

  • Why exhaustion is a common symptom of emotional burnout.

  • Examples of external systems that can provide you with respite during a time of emotional burnout.

  • Different forms that decompression can take.

  • Never be afraid of asking for, or offering, help.

  • The thin line between burnout and depression, and when to consider seeking professional help.

  • Exercise, sleep, and nutrition; how these elements can help curb burnout.

  • The power of gratitude.


“If it’s your day-to-day, and there’s no escaping it, you can feel very trapped, you can feel very stuck in your space. That’s not a great feeling, and it’s a very lonely feeling. It’s very lonely. I think it might be even lonelier if it’s not your crisis, if it’s someone you love going through a crisis. Because the feeling of being stuck and trapped, and wanting to escape the situation triggers feelings of guilt.” — Kelly Castillo [0:07:56]

“I think the only way to get through really tough times is if you have a support system. That can be great friends, it can be family, it can be any kind of outlet that you have.” — Kelly Castillo [0:09:35]

“When we don’t feel like we have control over our environment, or our life for whatever reason, even subconsciously, we start to hyper control our body and really do extreme autonomy of our body.” — Kelly Castillo [0:25:37]

“When you’re on burnout, you’re not thinking about what’s best for you at all. You’re just realizing that you are a shell of yourself and something is wrong, something is off.” — Megan Block [0:27:58]

“If you are depriving yourself of good nutrition, and foods, and possibly water, and drinking and supplementing with sugary foods and caffeine, it’s only going to exacerbate your feelings and not make you feel any better. It’s just going to make you feel worse.” — Megan Block [0:34:13]

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