June 27, 2022

Podcast Episode #55- Attraction Styles

Episode 55: Show Notes

Attraction is anything but one-dimensional! Today, we’re going to talk about the different types of attraction, the complexity in the ways they overlap and evolve, and how they play out in our relationships. I’m sure you’ll agree that, especially as we age, we can no longer rely solely on physical attraction, which is why we think it’s crucial to have a foundation of emotional attraction in lifelong partnerships! In this episode, we break down the five attraction styles we’ve identified in our lives: physical, emotional, sexual, aesthetic, and romantic attraction. We discuss how different people prioritize different types, and we share which we find to be the most significant. Tune in to find out how asexuality proves the irrelevance of sexual attraction in long-term relationships, how aesthetic attraction breeds comparison, and so much more! 

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Love Isn’t One Size Fits All: Different Types of Attraction

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s topic: The complexities of attraction!

  • The importance of emotional attraction versus physical attraction in a partnership.

  • Defining sexual attraction and asexuality.

  • How asexuality proves the irrelevance of sexual attraction in long-term relationships.

  • The difference between sexual attraction and physical attraction.

  • What aesthetic attraction is and how it can lead to comparison.

  • The phenomenon of being drawn to opposite aesthetics from our own.

  • The importance of appreciating aesthetics without feeling the need to emulate them. 

  • How romantic attraction can build over time (and sneak up on you!)

  • How different people prioritize different types of attraction.

  • How technology has shifted the focus from romantic to physical or sexual attraction.

  • Why it’s important not to choose a partner based solely on looks.

  • What we are personally attracted to! 

  • Emotional attraction in both romantic and platonic relationships.

  • Acknowledging that different people (or pets) in your life can fulfill different emotional needs.

  • The importance of identifying the type of attraction you feel for others and being open to different types of attraction!


“If all you have in your relationship is physical attraction, it’s not going to have the longevity that it’s going to need to really go the distance.” — Kelly Castillo [0:03:36]

“The fact that people who are asexual can build and develop really meaningful lifelong, intimate relationships with other people, explains how irrelevant sexual attraction is to long-term relationships.” — Kelly Castillo [0:08:40] 

“You can appreciate things aesthetically and be attracted to things for what they are and not feel like you need to incorporate that into your life.” — Megan Block [0:17:10]

“Aesthetic attraction lends itself to comparison. We don’t want to do that, because we can appreciate things and not need to emulate them.” — Kelly Castillo [0:23:07]

“How we move forward in relationships and make them deeper is by having this emotional vulnerability, attraction, or connection with other people.” — Kelly Castillo [0:46:47]

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