July 19, 2022

Podcast Episode #57- Productivity Hacks

Episode 56: Show Notes

Welcome back to She’s a Full on Monet! Tune in to hear a list of productivity hacks from two hyper-productive people – Megan and Kelly! From being kind to yourself and saying no, to cultivating gratitude, getting enough rest, and building routines in your life, today’s episode equips you with practical tools to optimize your productivity and improve your life. You’ll hear how Megan and Kelly have benefitted from each habit they list today, with kids, work, and relationships with their significant others in the mix. Tune in to hear some powerful tips on how to reduce mental clutter and thrive today. 

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These 9 Productivity Hacks Will Make You Love Yourself And Your Work

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Today’s topic: productivity hacks.

  • The trait of hyper productivity that Megan and Kelly share.

  • Introducing the list of productivity hacks that we will talk about today.

  • Hack number one: the value of taking breaks and being kind to yourself.

  • The challenge of setting boundaries for yourself while you are in the zone.

  • Tip Number two: say no! 

  • How the pandemic influenced all our capacity to say no to things that don’t serve us.

  • Hack number three: make a gratitude list. 

  • The influence of listing what she is thankful for on Megan’s perspective.

  • Kelly’s experience of guiding her kids to redirect their energy to something positive.

  • Practical ways to tap into positivity and happiness include playlists, photos, emails, and more.

  • The power of unloading your struggles on someone you can trust.

  • Why rage cleaning is so effective.

  • Tip number four: get enough sleep and take breaks.

  • Taking physical breaks from your work to reset your productivity within the day.

  • Hack number five: get into a rhythm or routine.

  • Making sure you are prepared by building habits into your tasks.

  • Our final tip: do one thing at a time. 

  • How much more likely you are to finish something if you do it in one sitting.

  • Whether or not multitasking has a place.

  • Prioritizing according to what is most urgent. 

  • Navigating having different priorities to your partner or coworker.

  • How this list intends to minimize your mental clutter. 

  • An invitation to send your productivity hacks our way. 

  • How Kelly and Megan have learned to always be prepared through raising kids.


“I’ve noticed that when I’m having a day where I’m irritated, or I feel overwhelmed, or I’m just kind of down, making a list of all the things I have to be grateful for has really helped me to change my perspective and keep things positive and understand that whatever happened that day is so temporary.” — Megan Block [0:16:48]

“Wherever you pour your thought and your energy into, that’s where it’s going to flow.” — Kelly Castillo [0:18:05]

“Do something today that you’ll thank yourself for tomorrow.” — Kelly Castillo [0:33:32]

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