June 7, 2022

Podcast Episode #52- Health Body Image

inclusivity for kids

Episode 52: Show Notes

We are all too often reminded of how messages in the media impact our children. Sometimes, though, we forget about the messages we impart on them as parents. Believe it or not, the way you talk about your own body plays a very important role in how your child perceives themselves, which is why, in today’s episode, we’re diving into how you can model healthy behavior, thinking, and lifestyle choices for them so that they don’t continue the cycle of negative self-talk and poor body image later in life! Tune in as we discuss the influence of social media, the value of promoting strength rather than weight loss, and the importance of celebrating individuality, self-expression, and a diverse range of body types, as well as why it’s critical that you acknowledge and address your own unconscious biases, plus so much more!

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Mom To Mom: How To Create A Positive Body Image For Your Kids

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How messaging about body image has changed since Kelly and Megan were kids.

  • Our experiences of body image and diet culture in our homes growing up.

  • The role that puberty played in Kelly’s awareness of her body.

  • Megan highlights how social media filters can impact a child’s perception of themselves.

  • Messages about body image that we project as parents without saying anything.

  • Why Megan is intentional about promoting strength, not weight loss.

  • Kelly on the types of food you make available to your children and the impact it has.

  • Why the old adage, “Everything in moderation,” is key here!

  • Negative self-talk and the influence it has on our children from a very early age.

  • The importance of celebrating individuality, self-expression, and diverse body types.

  • Reflecting on the influence that the pandemic had on our personal style.

  • Why it’s critical to understand and address your own unconscious biases.

  • The value of complimenting your children on the things they have worked to accomplish, not their physical appearance!


“As a young parent who likes to keep myself looking a certain way, I’m very concerned and aware of the [body] image I am pushing [onto my daughter] without even saying anything.” — Megan Block [0:15:44]

“We had fresh fruit, we had cookies, candy, ice cream, salad mix. We had every option and no one ever told us what choices to make. That was up to us. My dad would say things like, ‘Listen to your body,’ but he didn’t really elaborate on what that meant.” — Kelly Castillo [0:19:58]

“When it comes to body image issues and everything you have coming at you at such an early age, the way we talk about [ourselves] and the way we handle ourselves and the unspoken things that we say, they go a long way.” — Megan Block [0:22:32]

“[We have to make sure] we’re complimenting a wide range of body shapes and sizes. If you only say, ‘Oh, wow. That dress looks so great on her. She looks so pretty,’ and everyone you compliment is a size zero to four, you are passing a message along.” — Kelly Castillo [0:32:19]

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