Tell Us Your Opinion On These Universally Hated Movies And We’ll Tell You A Good One To Watch

Tell Us Your Opinion On These Universally Hated Movies And We'll Tell You A Good One To Watch
You should watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring!

Fantasy is the way to go for you, and there’s no better fantasy (in our opinion) than Lord of the Rings. Follow one Hobbit from his safe Shire on his greatest adventure yet. The world is immersive, powerful, and intoxicating. You’ll feel as though you’ve had the adventure yourself!
You should watch The Prestige!

Two magicians are always at war, they’re always upping the other, but they also have a secret. After one tragic accident, the two magicians begin a battle of the best minds and illusionists of the century. But what will they have to sacrifice to gain everything?
You should watch 500 Days of Summer!

You love independent and unique stories, so you should indulge in the best. Meet Summer, a girl who is light everywhere she goes. She has the right clothes, music, and feel. She’s Tom Hansen’s perfect girl. Until she isn’t.
You should watch Jurassic Park!

Watch the movie that started it all. John Hammon, the founder of a groundbreaking amusement park, invites two paleontologists to witness it for the first time. A small group gathers to behold something unimaginable -- real-life dinosaurs roaming the island. This scientific miracle is groundbreaking, stunning, and definitely not problematic.


What flicks did you pick, and what movie did our quiz suggest you watch? Share with us in the comments!

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