If You’re Obsessed With The Craft, You’ll Love Stealing The Ladies’ Creepy-Chic Styles

You know what’s often more terrifying than slaying a vampire, running from a werewolf, or exorcising a demon? Being a teenage girl — and no movie captures that better than The Craft (1996).

Directed by Andrew Fleming, the film follows four friends as they learn to channel the elements and become increasingly competent witches. At first, magic seems amazing — new girl Sarah lands the affections of a popular boy, tortured Nancy does away with her abusive stepfather, bullied Rochelle gets back at her racist tormenter, and shy Bonnie erases the burn scars that have rocked her confidence. But it’s increasingly apparent that messing with dark forces has consequences; meanwhile, Nancy’s obsession with gaining more power grows and grows. 

The Craft remains a cult classic both for its genuinely scary (and sometimes scarily relatable) storyline and its killer costuming. Like any good girl gang, the coven has a unified aesthetic, but Sarah, Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie also each maintain their own signature pieces. We broke down the fashion formulas at the heart of the teens’ looks. And — since we know there’s at least a little part of your inner teen that wouldn’t mind being the coven’s fifth member — we’re taking you on a mall run with the girls of The Craft. Keep scrolling to see what each character would toss in her cart.


Sarah Bailey

Sarah actually has the most casual style of the group. While she sometimes adds a preppy twist to the coven’s spooky aesthetic (her all-black ensemble, topped with a wool beret, comes to mind), she keeps it comfy just as often in baby tees and mini dresses. Those would be star players in her shopping haul, along with a cozy jacket and an addition to her seemingly endless collection of tiny round sunglasses.

Nancy Downs

Nancy is the squad’s true goth, as evidenced by her cross jewelry, smudgy makeup, and closet full of black clothes. When Nancy disguises herself as Sarah to trick popular guy (slash huge jerk) Chris, it’s disconcerting how much Sarah’s actress Robin Tunney still looks like Nancy — until you realize it’s because she’s rocking the spiked choker Nancy never takes off. Copy Nancy’s cart with textures like mesh and leather, plus dark-as-night frocks, edgy jewelry, and a little Elvira-approved lipstick.

Rochelle Zimmerman

Rochelle often appears in navy, even outside of the structures of uniform dressing. And though all the girls play fast and loose with their Catholic school’s dress code, Rochelle’s accessorizing stands out, thanks to her creative use of beaded jewelry, barrettes, even a pair of suspenders. Rochelle would fill her cart with more pieces to spice up her uniform, as well as a dark blue sweater dress (which she’d wear with extra layers, as all the coven is wont to do).

Bonnie Harper

Bonnie’s style shifts over the course of the film. When she and Sarah first meet, she’s hunkered down in a windbreaker and turtleneck a size or two too big, hiding her burns. Once her spellwork allows her to shed her scars, she dons more skin-baring styles. No matter what, she retains her penchant for oversized outerwear and starchy button downs. To shop like Bonnie, grab a bomber jacket and collared shirt along with a printed maxi skirt or dress.


Which coven member does your style match best? Sound off in the comments!

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