Killer Eye Makeup Looks That Look Even Better With A Mask On

It feels like we’ve been stuck in quarantine for years, but it’s really only been almost 7 months. Wearing a mask in public has not only become a social norm, but also a law. That won’t stop us makeup gurus though!
Despite a mask covering up almost your whole face, you can still do glam eye makeup that looks as good as ever and will help show off those beautiful eyes of yours. We share six of our favorite eye makeup looks to rock while you’re masked up, and the best products to help you recreate these killer looks.


1. Glowing Bronze

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For my brown eyed girlies, a natural bronze glow is the idea with this look.
First apply a light, neutral base to prep the lid. Next, apply a warm orange shade to the outer corners of your crease to lift your eye, then use a precision blending brush to apply a darker brown shade to add depth. Optional: For a more dramatic look, apply the orange and brown shades to your bottom line. Finally, apply some eyeliner and mascara (or your choice of false lashes) and there you have it — a beautiful, glowing bronze look!


2. Green Goddess

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This look is a mix of colors that will look stunning on green and brown eyed girls out there, but the standout shade here is the glittering opaque green.
To start off, apply primer to your whole eyelid (optional: apply concealer where you will place the green shade to increase lasting power), then apply a sparkling green shade to your whole eyelid. Payoff is important! Blend your favorite orange shade into your crease to create a halo effect, and add depth with a deep burgundy shade to the outer corners. Throw in a yellow accent color near your lash line. Line your waterline and smoke it out with the same burgundy shade, and hit the inner corners with a pop of glistening champagne to brighten up your eyes. Liner, lashes, done.


3. A Stunning Aqua Blue Bottom Liner

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This look is a major statement, and a bit bold for some, but it’s so easy and will look stunning with every eye color.
Start out with a primer for your lids, then generously apply a matte taupe shade as a foundation for the next step. Since the star of this eye look is the blue liner, you want to keep the rest of the eyes simple. Creating depth is a must, so once the taupe base is on, use a matte medium brown to blend into the outer corners. Tight line your eyes with black liner for a natural look and throw on wispy false lashes. The best step: apply a bright aqua blue liner to your whole lower lash line and blend it out with the same shade for some drama. Finally, don’t forget to hit your bottom lashes with some mascara. And voila! Look complete.


Here’s another variation of this look but with green! You can recreate this look with your color of choice, of course.

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4. Inner Corner Meets Pop of Color

Ms. Kylie Jenner did a GRWM on Vogue where she created an unexpected eye look by hitting her inner corners with a pop of coral. This style is so fun and pretty (for any eye color), and it’s an easy way to experiment with a new look in the fall. Rather than go full blast with the dark shadows, try a neutral eye instead with your favorite color in the inner corners. Some color combinations to try: brown and green, orange and pink, or taupe and yellow.
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5. A Color Top Liner Moment

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Using colored liner is the easiest way to glam up a look (and it will trick people into thinking you’re an advanced beauty guru). If black or brown liner is already a regular part of your makeup routine, then this look is going to be easy peasy.
Our favorite colors right now for this look are white, lavender, and blue. The first way you can wear it is in replacement of black or brown liner with beautiful wispy lashes to accentuate your eye shape and open up your eyes. We recommend keeping the rest of the eyes fairly simple, unless you are using white eyeliner (in which case a more dramatic eyeshadow moment will compliment this beautifully like the photo above).
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The second way is wearing it right above your black or brown liner. This is my personal favorite, just because I need my normal liner to create the illusion of larger eyes, and I used the colored liner as an accent. The trick is to keep the black liner thin (unless you have a lot of real estate on your eyelids), and I always do this look with false lashes and just a matte taupe shade in the crease. I always get compliments on this look!



How have you been rocking your mask-friendly eye looks these days? Share with us below — we’d love to see you try one of these looks!

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