Brown Noise Is Said To Help You Fall Asleep. Does It Actually Work?

It seems like someone has a new hack for getting to sleep quicker every day, and I’m all for it. It makes sense that so many people are so focused on getting better sleep because it seems like everyone is suffering from sleep deprivation these days. According to the CDC, one in three adults don’t get enough sleep at night

Here’s the thing — I’d love to go to sleep without an issue by nine at night and wake up at five in the morning with no problem. But I’m a human and my brain often races right before I need to go to sleep. 

Enter brown noise, the internet’s favorite new hack for getting to sleep quickly and easily.

What is Brown Noise?

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You’ve more than likely heard of white noise and even pink noise, but most people don’t know what brown noise is. Essentially, brown noise is a type of noise that’s produced by combining multiple noises together. The noise produces a heavy, low-frequency sound that is akin to the rumble of thunder, so those of us who revel in cozying up in a thunderstorm can rejoice. 

The combination of noises creates a mask for other sounds that might keep you up at night. Some people believe that it also creates a slight mental mask in your brain to prevent intrusive thoughts from coming in as well.

The Science Behind Brown Noise

The complete benefits and science surrounding brown noise haven’t been studied in depth yet, but pink noise is the closest to it in its deeper tone, and that noise has been found to have a positive effect on one’s environmental comfort

Brown noise is most effective for those with ADHD, high anxiety, or hypersensitivity to sound. Dr. Sachs continues to say that brown noise is, “Almost like a weighted blanket for your brain.”

The Benefits of Brown Noise

First and foremost, brown noise is said to be a miracle worker that can help you sleep. It’s also known to increase productivity because the sound eradicates any other noise and it reduces anxiety. Dr. George Sachs, a specialist in the treatment of ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum disorders, said to Popsugar, “I recommend people use brown noise when they are sleeping or whenever you’re in need of deep concentration, like in coworking sessions.”

I’m wondering if I should extend this challenge and listen to brown noise when I work and when I feel anxious to see if that helps too.

How to Use Brown Noise

So, where can you find this miracle sound? The answer is pretty simple in this day and age. You can find countless brown noise videos and playlists on YouTube and Spotify, or wherever you listen to music. This week, I’m going to just play a brown noise playlist until I fall asleep.

My Week

I started this challenge while I was on vacation, so I figured it was a wonderful time to get some quality sleep. Full disclosure, my friend stayed with me a few weeks ago and she listens to brown noise when she goes to bed, so I was familiar with it. It sounds like a thunderstorm in the summer — ie. my favorite sound in the world. 

I didn’t have too high of hopes for my sleep improvement, but I was over the moon to find out I was wrong. The first few nights I spent listening to brown noise completely sold me. I fell asleep almost instantly and it felt like a deeper sleep than I was used to. The Spotify playlist I listened to was also helpful because it was so long, so when I woke up in the night, brown noise was still playing. 

I also used brown noise twice while I was working. The sound is said to help improve focus and I was really excited to see if it helped me work harder, but I wouldn’t recommend it for background work music. A lot of people describe brown noise as a weighted blanket for your brain and that’s exactly what it felt like to me. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t work quickly or diligently, and I felt groggy instantly. 

There were one or two nights when the brown noise didn’t work its magic, but all in all, I slept better and went to sleep quicker than I have in a long time.

My Results

I’m really bad at going to sleep on time. I’m the person who stays up and watches TikToks for at least an hour every night. That being said, I think a huge reason why the brown noise worked so well was that I had to put my phone away to listen to brown noise on it. 

But I loved this challenge and I love brown noise now. If you have trouble going to sleep or waking up at night, I suggest you try brown noise. It’s incredibly calming and soothing. I even paused work some days to listen to the sound for a bit. 

Is brown noise the sleep secret that will make you fall asleep in two seconds flat without a doubt? No. But it’s worth a try and it’s more than likely going to at least help you relax. 

I’m going to continue listening to brown noise after this challenge is over, and I’m already excited to listen to it again tonight. LINEHave you listened to brown noise to go to sleep before? How did it work for you? Comment below!

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