My Favorite Bath Time Rituals to Renew Your Body and Mind

There are two different types of people in this world. Which one are you – a bath person or a shower person? Ever since my kids were little, baths for me have been a huge self care ritual. After I would finally get the kids to bed at night, all I wanted to do was soak in a hot bath with some bubbles and maybe an adult beverage and have a few moments of peace and quiet. I noticed I slept better when I kept this routine and I felt less stressed and could really unwind and decompress after a hectic day with four little ones running me ragged.

Nowadays my bath time has taken on a different meaning.

Some days I enjoy a morning bath with specific products to help me feel more energized and get me going for the day. Sometimes I need a soak with salts and oils to help relax tired muscles when I have a headache or I’ve done a particularly grueling workout. Some nights I have a big event and plenty of time to get ready and it feels SO luxurious to soak in the tub with a face mask on and some eye patches, letting some fragrance oils really soak into my skin before doing the full glam routine. And then there are days that have been so hellish that nothing will remedy other than a hot bath with calming scents and headphones in, please don’t bother me, and then crawl into bed and sleep it off.

Here are my favorite products and how I use them:



bath oil jo malone

My All Time Favorite Bath Oil

Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil

One capful of this is all you need for a full bathtub of moisturizing goodness and your whole bathroom will be scented of English roses. I love this before a big event, you don’t even really need to wear perfume after using this. It lingers on the skin in the sexiest way… the bottle lasts forever too and it makes a GREAT gift.

seaweed bath wash

For De-Stressing and Major Relaxation

When I am having trouble sleeping or I have had a long day, I love using a combination of epsom salts with lavender and Seaweed Bath Co’s Sleep Body Wash as a bubble bath to coax me into relaxation. If the day has been a complete disaster and I can’t handle one more second of anyone’s nonsense, I pull out the big guns- This Works Deep Sleep line. After I use this, I literally have to crawl into my sheets and it’s lights out.

citrus sage foam bath

For Energy, Peace, and Motivation

If I bathe in the morning I prefer something to give me energy and wake me up, so I lean towards a citrus scent. This citrus sage foam bath is strangely calming while also energizing – if that’s possible. It helps me start my day motivated without feeling rushed. If I am washing my hair, I won’t add any product to my bath water, instead I’ll opt for a body oil right out of the bath, like Soapwalla’s Citrus Almond one which you only need a few drops off to nourish your whole body naturally.

sturm body brush

Bath Tools That Elevate the Experience for Some Extra Self-Care

If I have the time and energy in the tub, I’ll do an all over body brushing, which stimulates circulation and is said to increase tissue metabolism. This is supposed to help prevent and repair cellulite. I use the Sturm body brush but any natural bristle body brush would work. I also brush my hair products through my hair when it’s wet with a Wet brand brush to ensure even product coverage. Then I tie it up with a microfiber towel scrunchie to cut my drying time.


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