Don’t Lose The Spark – My Perfect Quarantine Date Night

My hubby and I typically do a date night every week, so after nearly 5 weeks of quarantine, it felt like forever since we had been out together. I love how much family time we are getting, but missed our one on one time. The kids heard us talking about it and made a plan to surprise us with a date night this Friday.

They asked us to take a drive and told us we would be having a special date so to dress up nice. We got dressed separately and met up at the car for a drive through the countryside. The flowers are all blooming right now and it’s really spectacular so it was nice to be out of the house and alone with my hubby even just for a fifteen minute car ride. 

quarantine date night

When we got back to the house we saw a “valet” station set up in our driveway and our son, the valet, took the keys and parked our car. Our daughter, the hostess met us a the door and told us to have a drink in the bar while our table was being prepared. She presented us with a printed bar menu and we chose some cocktails from the list. Our son, the bartender (he’s of age), mixed us some drinks and it was great. They even have music playing through the surround sound and candles glowing.

quarantine date night

When we went back downstairs, our daughter showed us to our table. They had set the outdoor table up with placemats and dishes and wineglasses. They had the twinkling lights on overhead and music playing and she presented us with dinner menus. The kids served us sushi and wine and sake and were incredibly professional about the whole thing.

quarantine date night quarantine date night

After dinner, we sat by the fireplace and they served us coffee and dessert. I couldn’t believe all the trouble they went to just to make our date night feel special. It was so touching and honestly meant so much. 

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