Looking For Affordable Kitchenware? Amazon Outlet Has Everything You Need

I love Amazon and its convenience, and rarely do I complain about the prices. But, once again, they made my day with their Amazon Outlet. As they describe it: “Overstock items at under-budget prices.” They have products ranging from electronics to beauty to sports, but I was immediately drawn to their kitchen section (because, as we all know by now, I’m obsessed with buying things for my kitchen). The Amazon Outlet is filled with items, but I decided to collect my top 13 appliances and utensils that are essential and affordable.


CRUX Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker

Cooking rice can be testy — if you don’t remove it from the heat at its sweet spot, it’s either too crunchy or pure mush. This rice cooker will give you the ideal rice and quinoa each time. It also has a 12-hour warm setting, so you can let it go without worrying about your perfect rice burning.

SHOP – $59.67

amazon outlet

amazon outlet

Meat Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Your KitchenAid stand mixer is more than a stand mixer. Gvode’s meat grinder attachment includes a grinder to make meat and vegetables into patties and meatballs, while there are two sausage stuffing tube sizes to choose from. Throw the attachments in soapy water, rinse, and then use them as many times as you need.

SHOP – $119.99

Dash AirCrisp Pro Electric Air Fryer

You don’t have to guess how long your fries need to reach peak crisp with this air fryer. It comes with eight presets, giving you options for any and every food. It shuts off automatically to keep from burning, and the non-stick fryer basket is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

SHOP – $103.23

AIR fryer

amazon outlet

Hand Blender

This hand blender will whip anything you want into a sauce, smoothie, soup… you want it, you’ve got it here. It fits into slim spaces, and its easy-to-control handle stops any accidental hand-slippage. The blade is machine-washable, so finger cuts will be a thing of the past.

SHOP – $25.99

Aroma Housewares Professional Rice Cooker & Multicooker

Don’t ignore the “multicooker” in this cute product’s name, because this isn’t your average rice cooker. Yes, it will give you evenly-cooked rice every time thanks to its titanium honeycomb inner pot, but it’s also capable of steaming vegetables, making yogurt, and baking tarts. Can your rice cooker do all of that?

SHOP – $115.84

amazon outlet

amazon outlet

Reusable K Cups 6-Pack

Did you know that K-cups don’t break down? Meaning: you’re not saving the environment each time you fill your coffee cup with your Keurig. These reusable K cups, however, will fit in almost every machine. Fill with your favorite coffee, drink, wash, and reuse again and again and again.

SHOP – $7.99

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

There’s nothing quite as annoying as measuring cups with numbers that fade over time. Not the case with these cups. The stainless steel is rust- and corrosion-resistant, which means you can wash it in the dishwasher without worrying that the quality will diminish over time.

SHOP – $19.99

STAINLESS steel measuring cups

pot strainer

Silicone Pot Strainer

How many times have you transferred a pot of food into a colander, been steamed in the face, and then had to re-transfer the food back? I’m not a fan. This silicone pot strainer sits in any sized pot, so you can simply tip the water into the sink and be done — no face steaming included.

SHOP – $12.74

17-Piece Silicone Cooking Utensils Set with Holder

Amazon Outlet truly went above and beyond to make sure you have what you need — every utensil you can possibly think of is included in this affordable silicone set. A whisk, soup ladle, slotted and solid turners… they’re all here. The silicone makes them heat-resistant, handling up to 446°F, while the stainless steel handles are non-corrosive.

SHOP – $22.99

silicone utensil set

amazon outlet

Heat Resistant 6-Set Silicone Bakeware 

This heat-resistant silicone spatula set features utensils including a brush and cake decorator, making this the perfect set for an avid baker. The stainless steel cores make these utensils durable, and the silicone withstands temperatures of up to 500°F.

SHOP – $10.99

German Dutch Oven

This dutch oven is made from German enameled iron, so food heats quickly and evenly compared to your standard cast iron. And because it’s made from iron, it’s 30% lighter, making movement a breeze.

SHOP – $111.30

DUTCH oven

amazon outlet

Airtight Food Storage Container 24-PC Set

We wrote an article on how to Marie-Kondo your pantry, and these airtight food storage containers will help you get a handle on your mess. They come with chalkboard labels, so you can label each container appropriately as you replace and reorganize food.

SHOP – $69.97

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

My favorite part about these stainless steel mixing bowls are the non-slip bases, because I’m used to metal bowls sliding all around when mixing. The set comes with three bowl sizes, each one featuring lines for precise measurement, and the three-quart bowl has a built-in strainer for easy draining.

SHOP – $39.99

stainless steel mixing bowls

What are you stealing from the Amazon Outlet? Let us know in the comments!

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