Grove Collaborative Is Affordable And Sustainable, And We’re Loving These 14 Products

Don’t you wish there was a store or website that only sold products that are healthy, sustainable, and up to our standards? Well, there is. Grove Collaborative is an online retailer that sells items from brands that satisfy their strict standards of health, sustainability, and more. When they partner with companies they have requirements, looking at the ingredients that are used, how the products are manufactured, and the ethics behind the company. You can read more about their missions here

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The products they sell include household cleaners from paper towels to pest control products, personal care from face masks to toothbrushes, baby and kid items from diapers to prenatal vitamins, pet items from grooming to odor removers, and a wide variety of beauty products. Today, we’ve compiled some of our favorite items from Grove Collaborative. 



Mrs. Meyer’s – Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Mrs. Meyer’s products always smell amazing, but they are also eco-friendly too! This multi-surface cleaner uses naturally derived elements to disinfect and the scent has notes of geranium, honeysuckle, lavender, lemon verbena, and rosemary.

SHOP NOW – $3.94

Mrs. Meyer’s – Dish Soap

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This dish soap is biodegradable, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, along with having a garden-themed scent palette. While it is not antibacterial, it works hard to remove grease, dirt, grime, and other leftover smudges on your plates and dishes.

SHOP NOW – $3.94

Walnut Scrubber Sponge

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These sponges are super affordable and super eco-friendly! They are made from durable walnut shells, recycled plastic fibers, and 100% plant-based cellulose. They’re non-scratch and safe for use on fine cookware too! Though, if you have a nut allergy, these are not for you.

SHOP NOW – $4.95

Tree-Free 2-Ply Paper Towels

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I’ve been trying to find ways to stop using as many paper products, and these are a perfect fit for that. These paper towels are made from sustainable bamboo fibers and work just as well as standard paper towels. This company also has a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation so that with every 50 rolls sold, one tree is planted. We’ll be doing double time with this awesome product! 

SHOP NOW – $3.95


Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover

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This stain remover from Grove lifts tough stains from most fabrics, removes them completely, and prevents stains from resurfacing later. It’s also plant-based and has rave reviews about its foaming nature and sweet aroma. If your pet is making a bunch of messes in your home, this will get them all out.

SHOP NOW – $4.95

Earth Rated – Pet Waste Bags

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Made of recycled material, these doggie bags will bring some Earth love into your neighborhood walks. While you should already be picking up your dog’s waste, these bags add an extra component to helping the environment. Pair them with this Pet Bag Dispenser so you’re ready to go.

SHOP NOW – $6.99

Kin + Kind – Healthy Poops for Dogs and Cats

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If your pet often gets an upset stomach, this Organic Pumpkin Boost can be a perfect way to help them out. Pumpkin itself can be great for your dog’s digestive system but this product also uses no grains, preservatives, artificial ingredients, synthetic nutrients, or chemicals.

SHOP NOW – $19.99

Personal Care

Method – Body Wash

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This body wash focuses on energy — with ingredients that provide a deep detox for the end of the night and an energy boost for early mornings. It’s vegan, made from all-natural ingredients, method phthalate-free, and its packaging is 65% recycled.

SHOP NOW – $7.99

Rooted Beauty- Hydrating Hand Cream

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Its use of shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and the antioxidant-rich R7 Complex is great for dry hands and will bring moisture to your skin. There are two scents to choose from: Oat Milk and Rose Petal. Oat Milk has notes of almond, vanilla blossom, sandalwood, and cedar, while Rose Petal has notes of grapefruit and peppercorn. This company also will give us a free return shipping label so they can recycle the bottle when you’re done with it.

SHOP NOW – $6.95

Superbloom – Bright Eyes Peptide Eye Cream

super bloom

This eye cream can keep your under eyes bright by using…eyebright. Eyebright is a tiny flower that grows in Europe that is often used in eye creams because of its great benefits like reducing fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Fun, right? grove Collaborative

SHOP NOW – $44

Rooted Beauty – Sensitive Skin Facial Towelette


Made with 100% cellulose, these wipes are perfect for the end of a long day. They are fragrance-free which is great for sensitive skin and after using them, you won’t even need to rinse because they thoroughly clean your skin. If your skin needs a gentle cleanser, these wipes will be perfect for you. 

SHOP NOW – $6.95


Smarty Pants – Kids Prebiotic & Probiotic Immunity Formula

smarty pants

If you’re looking for ways to boost your child’s immune system, these strawberry creme flavored gummies will do the trick. For children three and older, two gummies a day can help promote good gut bacteria and digestive health for your kids. 

SHOP NOW – $22.99

Hello – Kids Fluoride Free Natural Watermelon Toothpaste

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Why do kids hate brushing their teeth? We honestly don’t know, but the yummy watermelon flavor of this toothpaste will help. This Natural Watermelon Toothpaste is perfectly safe for your child to accidentally ingest while brushing and is fluoride-free. It is made with no artificial sweeteners, dyes, parabens, sulfates, or triclosan and uses natural ingredients like aloe vera gel and minerals.

SHOP NOW – $3.99

Patch – Kids Bamboo Compostable Coconut Oil Adhesive Bandage

kids bandages

These child bandages are made from 100% organic bamboo fiber and are both biodegradable and compostable. They also have coconut oil on the pad to help soothe those cuts and scrapes. The tube they come in is made out of recycled cardboard and each individual wrapping is made of plastic-free rice paper.

SHOP NOW – $6.99


We love Grove Collaborative and hope you do too! What other sustainable brands do you love? Comment below!

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