Our 10 Favorite Outdoor Rugs Will Look Stunning On Your Patio

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There’s no better time to be sitting out on your deck than right now. Those spring temperatures are only going to keep rising through the summer, so let’s start enjoying them! One of my favorite trends lately has been outdoor rugs so I’ve compiled my favorite styles that you can buy to dress up your deck!


Playa Rug Milan

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This Reversible Rug from PlayaRug on Etsy is reversible, UV-proof and waterproof, stain and fade-resistant, and is made from recycled materials. I love the idea of a reversible rug because if you want to switch up the look of the deck, you can just flip it over and it can feel brand new. It’s also made of 100% recycled material, making it a great sustainable choice!

SHOP NOW – $49.99+

Outdoor Rug Banana Leaf

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Bring some color to your deck with this Banana Leaf Rug from Threshold. This rug has Spray latex backing that will help it stay in place, so you won’t have to worry about moving it back into place every time you walk on it. And it’s perfect if you already have outdoor greenery — it’ll just add to that!

SHOP NOW – $60+

JONATHAN Y Charleston Rug

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This JONATHAN Y outdoor rug is a color I don’t see often in outdoor decor, but the red will complement the green of your yard well. It’s also UV safe, fade-resistant, and pet-friendly. 

SHOP NOW – $21.85+

Couristan Covington Rug

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Personally, this Couristan outdoor rug has the perfect amount of color for an outdoor space without being over the top. Along with the gorgeous design, it is water-resistant and mold/mildew resistant. In its making, it was designed to prevent the growth of mold and mildew which is great if you live somewhere it is rainy or humid.

SHOP NOW – $53.40+

Sonoma Goods For Life® Outdoor Rug

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Another unique color can be brought out to your deck with this Sonoma Goods For Life outdoor rug. This rug was tested and verified as being free from harmful levels of more than 300 different substances, and it’s quick-drying and fade resistant.

SHOP NOW – $20.39+

Sonoma Goods For Life® Lemon Rug

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Citrus is one of my favorite decor trends…weird sentence, I know. This Lemon Rug from Sonoma Goods For Life is perfect for spring and summer, especially if you have citrus trees in your yard. This rug was made completely from recycled water bottles and is fade and weather resistant.

SHOP NOW – $61.19

nuLOOM Aurora Rug

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This outdoor rug from nuLOOM takes blues and orange hues to create a fun pattern. It comes in six different sizes to fit your deck perfectly, and is pet and kid-friendly. Like some of the other options, it has Nylon backing to keep it where you want it. 

SHOP NOW – $37.13+

Jill Zarin Anguilla Outdoor Rug

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This outdoor rug is from Jill Zarin’s Outdoor Collection that pulls inspiration from Costa Rica and Cape Town. This rug is also stain-resistant, pet friendly, will not shed, and is easy to clean. 

SHOP NOW – $22.48+

Jill Zarin Turks & Caicos Outdoor Rug

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Another from Jill Zarin, this outdoor rug comes in 10 different colors and 14 different sizes, so you can find the perfect match for your patio. Unlike many other outdoor rugs, this one is thin and can easily be moved around as needed. 

SHOP NOW – $25.49+

Unique Loom Outdoor Rug

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This outdoor rug by Unique Loom comes in 8 colors and so many different sizes (varies by color). This rug is another that can easily be rolled up and put away if the weather is too crazy or you want to switch it out for a while. It’s also easy to clean, stain-resistant and won’t shed.

SHOP NOW – $18.95+


Which one of these outdoor rugs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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