How These Trendy At-Home Lash Extensions Made Me Quit The Salon

Before COVID and the quarantine shut down salons across the world, I was kind of high maintenance. I had hair extensions, lash extensions, dip manicures, massages — man, that was the life! But when salons closed, I knew I had no choice but to remove my extensions and let things go au naturel.
And now that things are somewhat back to normal, I’m not quite ready to embrace my pre-quarantine ways. To be honest, I’ve gotten used to a less hectic schedule and my social calendar is much less busy, so the expense spent on beauty maintenance just doesn’t seem as justified. And honestly, I kinda like this natural look.

“…the expense spent on beauty maintenance just doesn’t seem as justified.” 

The only thing I REALLY miss are my lashes. I have naturally blond, short, stubby little lashes. So sad, so NOT cute. Lash extensions let me leave the house without makeup feeling confident and put together. They seriously changed the whole look of my face. But they did wreak a bit of havoc on my natural lashes, mostly because I would fuss with them and pick at them as they grew out, pulling out my natural lashes in the process. False lashes are difficult for me because I am allergic to the adhesive, so I have to be extremely careful not to get the lash glue on my skin. It’s hard to get strip lashes to stick without looking clumpy and the individual or trio lashes take me forever to apply considering they only last one evening.

lashify diy kit

So I thought I would give Lashify a try. They’re advertised all over social media as being an alternative at-home lash extension option. A few things make them different from regular false lashes:


    • They claim to last up to a week with proper application and treatment.

    • You apply these lashes UNDER your regular lashes, not on top like false eyelashes or typical lash extensions. This means no extra weight on top of your natural lash, which is supposedly healthier for your natural root.

    • The adhesive goes on like mascara, and then you just touch the lashes to your natural lash and they bond. Like magic.

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I ordered a Control Kit on their website (it’s not super easy to figure out what to order). The lashes are numbered and lettered to reflect the length and thickness, but it’s pretty confusing and so I just guessed and ordered two sizes, A12 and A14. The kit was $145 and included their “Whisper Light” bonding agent, an application wand, the tips for the wand, the lashes, and the sealant. 
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I was kind of intimidated so the kit sat on my bathroom counter for a few days. But since we were getting ready to take a trip, I decided to try the lashes out since I wanted to look my best for travel. I allowed myself plenty of time, made sure my lashes were clean, and grabbed a magnifying mirror. I followed the videos on their website and application went super smoothly! I couldn’t believe I got it right so easily the first time and the lashes looked amazing. I even sent my daughters a Snapchat because I was definitely feeling myself.

“I couldn’t believe I got it right so easily the first time…”

The lashes stayed on for about 3 ½ days through wind and outdoor activities. I also sleep on my stomach which it says not to do, and it snowed which I’m sure didn’t help. When I went to reapply them (the website says they aren’t meant to be reused, although 80% of users do reuse them), I got my right eye done pretty well but they wouldn’t adhere to my left eye. I was traveling and the bathroom mirror was far from the counter which was awkward, plus the lighting wasn’t great. I just couldn’t seem to recreate the magic. So I left the lashes off and went natural for the next day or so.
When I gave it another try, it went well again. I think maybe I was just overthinking it? Or rushing? I think there’s definitely a learning curve to the application. And it’s a pricey system. But for me, these lashes will be a keeper.


What are your favorite at-home lash products? Have you tried Lashify? Let us know below!

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