Our Holiday Gift Guide For All The Best Kiddos In Your Life

gifts for kids

Whenever Christmas comes around, my mom and I are always stumped trying to figure out the best gifts to give the little ones in our family. It seems as though they change their minds every day! Some children are crazy picky, and they won’t even try to hide their disappointment when you give them something unappealing — they’ll just toss it to the side and hope the next gift is something better. Sound familiar? Well, if you want some surefire ways to get your kiddos excited this holiday season, you’re in luck! We’ve curated a special list of gift categories for each type of kiddo in your family.


Babies and Toddlers (0+)

munchkin ball

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Is your little one an aspiring musician? Then this Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube will help your toddler begin mastering music in no time. With a 4.5 star rating, this toy teaches composition, tempo, and instrumentation, and it even has two volume settings (yes parents, you’re welcome).

SHOP NOW – $24.99

dump truck toy

Green Toys Shape Sorter Truck

This truck is more than meets the eye and is not only great for independent play with all the other cars lying around, but helps develop coordination and fine motor skills with the differently shaped pieces that can be loaded and unloaded through the matching holes in the truck. Parent Perk: this truck is entirely made from recyclable materials and is dishwasher safe!

SHOP NOW – $26.99

sensory ball

EduShape Sensory Balls

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for babies that are just too old for rattles and still a little too young for more involved toys, so look no further! Made with soft plastic, grippable spikes, and just enough bounce to be entertaining, these sensory balls are perfect for 6 months and up. They help develop fine and gross motor skills, while still providing hours of entertainment.

SHOP NOW – $15.89

learning lovey

The Learning Lovey

Fussy baby? No problem – this tactile soothing blanket from the Learning Lovey is just the thing. With ultra soft polyester on one side and fleece on the other, paired with different ribbons around the edges, there’s something soft and soothing for even the most particular child. (Also, check out all the patterns — “baby wizard” is our favorite!) 

SHOP NOW – $24.95

Preschoolers (3+)

magnetic dress up kit

Petit Collage Magnetic Dress Up Box

Who remembers those paper dolls with their outfits and accessories that we would spend hours playing with growing up? If you’re looking for a modern and more durable twist on the classic dress-up dolls, you’re in the right place. With three thematic options and over 25 magnetic pieces in an easy to seal tin case, it’s easy to see why this dress up box has a 4.5 star rating.

SHOP NOW – $12.00

koala crate craft box

KiwiCo Koala Crate Subscription

Of all our gifts for kids, this is definitely the one that keeps on giving! This gift may look like it’s for children, but it’s really for the busy parents out there. A subscription to the Koala Crate sends you monthly boxes with 2-3 projects with instructions inside, so you can take the brainwork out of coming up with ways to entertain and teach the kids and give mom a break. Crates are customizable and available for all age groups (up to 104)!

SHOP NOW – Price Varies 

hand pedaled scooter

Radio Flyer Cyclone

Sometimes you need a toy that’s not only fun, but is also going to get your child ready for nap time. The Radio Flyer Cyclone is an arm-powered vehicle that allows your little one to get where they want to go (even if they want to endlessly spin in circles) while helping them get out some of that extra energy.

SHOP NOW – $55.35

train set

Brio Smart Tech Engine Set

The only reason to change on a classic toy is to make it better, and the Brio Smart Tech Engine Set does just that. Battery powered with forward, reverse, and stop buttons for kids of all ages to be in control, this set also comes with two arches that affect the train’s direction and speed. The set also works with other Brio train sets, so whether this gift is for an aspiring conductor or a seasoned one, this set is perfect for everyone. 

SHOP NOW – $38.60

Elementary Schoolers (5+) 

3x3 cube puzzle


Ghost Cube Puzzle

Bored with the normal rubix cube? Have a kid who’s looking for a fun, new, challenge? Why not let them try out this challenging new twist on the classic 3×3 puzzle with unique shapes and designs? With its unique shapes and colors, it’s guaranteed to challenge the smartest kids in your life. 

SHOP NOW – $15.98 

gifts for kids


Nintendo Labo VR Kit Starter Set

This is perfect for your creative, tech-minded kiddos! This Nintendo Labo VR Starter Kit lets your kid build the VR goggles and blaster that they’ll then play with. Honestly, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to play with this one after the kids are asleep! 

SHOP NOW – $44.99

lego robotic kit

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Legos+robots=best.gift.ever. This kit creates up to 5 unique models, and interacts with the lego boost app (available for free through Amazon) to provide hours of coding experience and pure lego enjoyment. Perfect for the budding scientist or engineer in your life (or even the adults that secretly still adore a good lego set).

SHOP NOW – $127.99

gifts for kids

Power Your Fun Mini Drone

Do you love drones as much as we do? This mini drone is especially cool because you can fly it with the controller or with just your hands! This is one of my fav gifts for kids, because they’ll feel like they have a piece of ultra-cool futuristic tech with this one. Honestly, I might get one for myself.

SHOP NOW – $31.95 

Middle Schoolers (11+)

instant camera set

Fujifilm Instax Camera

For a fun and unique take on the polaroid craze, the Fujifilm Instax is the one-stop-shop. You not only get the camera, but you get some film, filters, accessories, frames, and a leather case. Just don’t forget to take off the lens before snapping the perfect selfie (yes there’s a special selfie feature)!

SHOP NOW – $119.99

jellyfish light

Jellyfish Tank Mood Light

Working from home is a pain, but schooling from home is even worse. So why not get something that brightens up the space a little bit? With realistic jellyfish, and different lighting options, this jellyfish tank mood light is the perfect way to help your child take a break from looking at their screen and relax before moving on to the next thing.

SHOP NOW – $30.99

child telescope

Moonscope and Skygazers Activity Journal

The sky’s the limit with this Moonscope — with 18x and 80x magnifications, your little scientist will be able to observe the night sky with ease. There’s also a lunar journal that comes with the telescope, providing endless hours of educational fun! 

SHOP NOW – $41.99

For the Whole Family

grilled cheese toasterGrilled Cheese Toaster

The only downside to making grilled cheese is that you have to clean the pan afterwards, but not any more! This grilled cheese toaster is the perfect solution for the whole family to make a quick, easy grilled cheese, and not have to worry about clean up afterwards. Sensible and delicious — what more could you ask for, really?

SHOP NOW – $29.99 

gifts for kids

Throw Throw Burrito

Looking for a game that combines uno and dodgeball? Well, look no further. The Throw Throw Burrito game is an easy draw and match game combined with the energy and excitement of a nerf war. With opportunities to throw soft, squishy burritos at your family members, what’s not to love about this great gift for kids and family?

SHOP NOW – $24.99

amazon echo kids

Amazon Echo for Kids (with parental controls of course)

Although an Amazon Echo seems like an adults-only gift, the Echo Kid is great for the whole family. With all the functionalities of the original Echo and added parental controls such as use limits, microphone control, and a year of free Amazon Kids+ content, the Echo Kid is a gift everyone in the family will love.

SHOP NOW – $59.99

gifts for kids

Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

It’s impossible to miss the mark with this Giant Inflatable Bowling Game – literally! For indoor and outdoor use, with 6 pins that are about 2.5 feet tall, everyone can be a winner at this game.

SHOP NOW – $26.49

gifts for kids

 Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

If you come from a large family like me, then you’ll understand the struggle of finding a dessert that everyone can agree on. With a 2 quart capacity and 3 stirring speeds, you’ll be able to make your own flavors of ice cream in no time!

SHOP NOW – $139.99


We’re sure your kids will love these gifts as much as you do! What are you planning on surprising them with this holiday season? Share with us in the comments!

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