Don’t Know What To Gift The Men In Your Life? We’ve Got You Covered

gifts for men

Why are women always considered the picky ones, when men are so hard to buy gifts for? Giving gifts to the special guys in your life is probably a bit of a struggle every year, especially if they don’t tell you what they want. Luckily for you, we’ve found this year’s best gifts for men, and every type of man is covered here: from the Outdoorsman to the Gadget Guru and even Mr. Impossible-To-Buy-For. The special guy in your life will LOVE these picks and feel bad he didn’t give you a better gift (lol, just kidding). Happy shopping!


For the Outdoorsman

orvis backpack

Orvis Montana Morning Backpack

Looking for something that your special man can use both on and off the trails? Look no further than the Montana Morning Bag — with 2 main pockets with tons of zippers, it’s useful for almost everything. Durable enough to take to the woods over the weekend, yet sophisticated enough to take to the office during the week, this bag has unlimited potential for the outdoorsman in your life.

SHOP NOW – $249

tackle box


Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box PRO Bass Fishing Kit

2020 has had us all looking for new hobbies this year, and fishing is something you can do and still be socially distanced. So, for anyone whose boo has picked up some time with the fishes, this is the gift for them! This mystery tackle box comes with over $40 worth of lures, tackles, and other super manly things that will make your novice fisherman a pro in no time! 

SHOP NOW – $34.99



Sea to Summit Pro Hammock

Sometimes you just need to take a nap, no matter where you are, and the Sea to Summit Hammock is just the tool. Basically, if you have two trees nearby, you can put your feet up and relax with this ultra durable and easy to assemble hammock. It even comes with a compressible case so it doesn’t eat up valuable space in that backpack.

SHOP NOW – $83.15

gifts for men

Yeti Daytrip Lunch Box

Gone are the days of mom’s paper bags for lunches, the Yeti Daytrip Lunchbox is the lunchbox every adventurer needs. With thermosnap closure and insulated walls, this lunchbox will keep all your food cold for up to 24 hours with an ice pack. And, it’s waterproof and stain resistant, so you can be as messy as you like and no one will be the wiser.

SHOP NOW – $79.98

For the Sports Enthusiast

gifts for men

Uncommon Goods Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Just because your man likes hockey, doesn’t mean that you want your burgers to come off the grill feeling like hockey pucks. Whether it’s veggies or burgers, this recycled and handmade hockey stick barbeque set (which includes a spatula, fork, tongs, and a bottle opener) will help them score a goal with your tastebuds every time.

SHOP NOW – $45

gifts for men

Uncommon Goods Golf BBQ Set

And, these barbeque sets come in other sports variations! Check out this golf set that will have getting holes in one every time they break out the grill.

SHOP NOW – $34

For the Gadget Guru

echo dot

Amazon Echo Dot

You’ve heard us sing the praises of the Amazon Echo dot before in our Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids, but really, this is a gift that everyone will love. With voice controls, thousands of commands, and even an exclusive Baby Yoda stand for your Mandalorian lover, this Echo Dot is the perfect gift (and it’s easy on the wallet!).

SHOP NOW – $18.99

kasa smart plug

Kasa Smart Plug

It’s easy to forget about certain things when you’re a man on the go, but this Kasa Smart Plug has you covered. A smart plug might sound like an unnecessary extravagance, but the convenience is worth it. Just think: you’ll never have to worry about one plug covering up the other outlet, and you can even set this to turn off your electronics on a timer. It’s so simple, you’ll regret not buying some for every outlet.

SHOP NOW – $39.99

vr headset

Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

VR isn’t a thing of the future anymore, and if your man is into tech, then he’s probably been dying to get a headset for a while. The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best on the market, and it connects through Facebook, so you don’t need a gaming console to use it. Just download the app, log in, and immediately start experiencing a whole different reality!

SHOP NOW – $299

For the Chef

omaha steaks


Chicago Steaks: The Tasteful Gift

It can be hard trying to buy for that foodie in your life, but you can’t go wrong with this Chicago Steaks set. With a variety of cuts of meat including chicken and burgers, this food box is anything but ordinary. Delivered right to their door this gift is perfect for long distance gifting.

SHOP NOW – $179.99

seasoning set

Williams Sonoma Butcher’s Block Seasoning Set

Sometimes, you want all the flavor with none of the work, and that’s the appeal of this Dry Rub Spice Blend from Williams Sonoma. This is definitely one of the best foodie gifts for men out there! There are 8 spice options to choose from that immediately will take his cooking skills from fine to finesse with no extra work involved.

SHOP NOW – $39.95

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

Have you been hinting that you want your man to step it up in the kitchen? Why not encourage him a little with these annual memberships to Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass? With classes from everything from meat to vegetable techniques to life advice, your man will be sautéing circles around you in no time.

SHOP NOW – starting at $15/month

stainless steel prep tools

Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Prep Tools Set

Never upgraded from those cooking utensils from college that are a little cheap and not so great? With this customizable set of cooking utensils from Williams Sonoma, you can choose only the utensils that need to be replaced, or you can give his whole kitchen some TLC.

SHOP NOW – $19.95 to $89.95

For the Golf Lover

gifts for men

Uncommon Goods Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Drinks are only as good as the ice you put in them, so why not combine his favorite sport with his favorite drink? Just cool these golf ball chillers down in the freezer and then end your day with a drink that is on par with no other.

SHOP NOW – $30

golf ball marker

Personalized Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool

This personalized golf ball marker is a super sleek and classy golfing accessory that every golfer needs in his arsenal. You can choose between wood or metal, and they’re all laser-engraved and are truly the height of sophistication. We love that this product is from Etsy, so you know your money is going to support a small business!

SHOP NOW – $23.99+

garmin golf watch

Garmin Approach S40 Golf Watch

With over 41,000 pre-loaded courses, auto-shot detection, and a screen you can read even in the sun, Garmin’s Approach S40 Golf Watch is the perfect tech gift for your golf lover! It will definitely give him the upper hand in his next tournament, and it looks great and works well on and off the course.

SHOP NOW – $199.99

For the “Car Guy”

car detailing kit

Chemical Guys Car Detailing Kit

We all have a man in our lives who LOVES taking care of his car, so why not play to his strengths? With this 14 piece cleaning kit, there isn’t a single part of his beauty that won’t be cleaned up and polished for just a fraction of the cost of a professional detailing job. This is definitely one of the most useful gifts for men out there!

SHOP NOW – $89.99

autodromo driving gloves

Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves

If you’ve ever gotten into a car on a hot summer’s day and tried to put your hands on the steering wheel, you’ll immediately understand why these driving gloves are the perfect way to protect your man’s hands and immediately turn him into a race car driver (in his mind, not in reality, obvi). This gift is a little less sneaky because you need to know his glove size, but if you can pull it off, it’s the perfect gift for literally anyone who needs to drive when their car is hot.

SHOP NOW – $125

gifts for men

Road & Track Magazine Subscription

Yes, people still read magazines! Whether you know someone who loves to accrue new subscriptions or you want someone to have something enjoyable to read in the bathroom, this monthly subscription to Road & Track is perfect for even the most casual car enthusiast.


For Mr. Impossible-To-Buy-For

foosball table


Best Choice Products 48-Inch Foosball Table

We all have that one friend who we just have no idea what to buy for. But who doesn’t love a good game of foosball? Seriously — foosball is one of the most universal games, and now with a 48” foosball set, you can bring the joy and mild competitiveness right to his living room. (And it has a drink holder, so you know he’ll love it).

SHOP NOW – $104.99

gifts for men

Astro AI Portable Mini Fridge

Know someone who always has a drink in their hand? Well, now they can take their drinks with them wherever they go with this portable drinks cooler from Amazon. It’s small enough that it can compactly fit in your car, but large enough that it can still hold a six pack. It can charge with a cigarette lighter or a traditional wall outlet, so really, the sky’s the limit.

SHOP NOW – $49.99


Urban Outfitters Mini Golf/Billiards Set

Putt putt your way into the ultimate gift with this Mini Golf and Pool set that can fit LITERALLY anywhere. The gold mat also functions as a pool table, so it’s a great way to combine 2 loves while still being mindful of staying at home.

SHOP NOW – $99

mini pool table


Portzon Mini Pool Table

Who said you need a full-size pool table to have fun? This Portzon Mini Pool table is one of our favorite gifts for men, and is ideal for saving space and saving your wallet. With 16 billiard balls and 2 cue sticks, even the kids can enjoy this twist on a classic game.

SHOP NOW – $29.14+

theragun massage gun

Theragun Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

This massage gun is a little on the pricier side, but is worth it for the man in your life who’s constantly complaining about being sore after hitting the gym. With a battery life of 1.5 hours, an ergonomic design for easy grasping and an app to connect with for personalize treatments, this massage gun will have them relaxing like never before.

SHOP NOW – $449

monogrammed steak brand

Williams Sonoma Monogrammed Steak Brand

There’s something about grilling that really brings out the perfectionism in some men, and this monogrammed steak brand will really bring their grilling game to the next level.

SHOP NOW – $59.95 to $69.95

Hot & Spicy Crate From Man Crates

It’s cooling down, so make sure to get yourself some hot sauce to warm up. This Hot Sauce & Snack  box includes 3 of the fiercest hot sauces and two guaranteed to please snack. Maybe our favorite part? Rather than arriving in a frou frou gift basket, it will be delivered in a manly crate that the lucky recipient will need to pry open with a crowbar. Does it get more manly? The ultimate gift for both the man who loves some spice and the one who loves trying new, and unique brands.

SHOP NOW – $69.99


Do you love these gifts for men as much as we do? Let us know your favs in the comments!

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