Yule Love These 10 Ultimate Gingerbread House Kits And Advent Calendars

gingerbread house kits advent calendars
I don’t know about you, but traditional gingerbread house kits and advent calendars aren’t going to cut it for us this year. It’s 2020 and the lows have been low, so it’s time to seriously vamp up the high points! 
Gingerbread house kits and advent calendars have made it into the holiday season traditions for many of us, and there’s actually way more variety to these holiday staples than you might think. So sit back, relax, and get out your credit card — these ultimate gingerbread house kits and advent calendars are the biggest can’t-miss buys of this season!

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gingerbread house kits
Wilton Build It Yourself Mini Gingerbread Village
The more the merrier, am I right? Forget the gingerbread house -- it’s time to upgrade to a whole gingerbread village. This kit comes with everything you need to make and decorate 4 super cute gingerbread houses. They look so good you won’t want to eat them (it’s ok, you will anyway).
SHOP - $26.96
advent calendars
Vinebox's 12 Night of Wine Advent Calendar
Yeah, it’s 2020 and advent calendars filled with chocolates just aren’t going to cut it for some of us. Enter: wine advent calendars. Each box comes with 12 different hand-curated glasses of wine. They sold out last year, so snatch this one up while you still can!
SHOP - $129
gingerbread house kits
Gingerbread Mansion Kit
We know bigger isn’t always better, but in this case, it definitely is. This gingerbread mansion is a whopping three pounds! Best of all, if you don’t like dealing with the hassle of putting the thing together, this mansion comes pre-built -- you just have to decorate it! And you can order it from Amazon with free shipping.
SHOP - $34
advent calendars
25 Sauces of Christmas
If you’re the type of person to douse hot sauce on everything you eat, this is the perfect advent calendar for you. It comes with 25 different hot sauces, and the packaging is so cute you won’t want to get rid of it! Perfect for you or a loved one who needs some extra spice in their life ;)
SHOP - $79.99
gingerbread house kits
Wilton Mario Bros Gingerbread Castle
We came across this one and couldn’t resist adding it to our list! This gingerbread house kit is honestly everything and the perfect edible nostalgia piece to spice up your holiday season. It even comes with Super Mario and mushroom decorations. We’re obsessed.
SHOP - $31
advent calendars
Bonne Maman's Fruit Spreads and Honey Advent Calendar
If you love Bonne Maman products you’ve got to give this advent calendar a taste! It comes with 24 mini jars of fruit spreads and honey, and I honestly love the idea of having a new spread on my toast with breakfast each morning.
SHOP - $75.98
gingerbread house kits
Ninjabread Gingerbread Cookie Kit
Okay, this isn’t technically a gingerbread house kit, but it made the cut anyway because it’s so darn cute. Kids will go crazy for these ninja-bread characters, and we love that you get to bake them yourself (don’t worry, the kit comes with cookie mix, cutters, and everything you need to decorate!).
SHOP - $12.99
advent calendars
L'Occitane Signature Advent Calendar
This advent calendar is luxurious and perfect if you need a little extra pampering this holiday season. It comes with 24 different beauty products that are all listed in the “ingredients” section of the Amazon listing, so you know exactly what you’re getting!
SHOP - $74
gingerbread house kits
Gingerbread Train Kit
This one will satisfy the traveler in all of us! We love this little gingerbread train. It’s absolutely adorable and will definitely satisfy your gingerbread cravings. It’s also currently available with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping! Snatch this one up before it’s gone.
SHOP - $22.95
advent calendars
Diptyque Advent Calendar
This advent calendar comes with fragrances galore! Candles, perfumes, and body scrubs and lotions make this a can’t-miss for the holiday season. It’s on the pricier end of this list, but the product value is definitely worth shelling out the cash -- and don't worry, they ship to the US!
SHOP - $379
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