A Complete Gift Guide For Any Gift Exchange Situation

We’ve all been there: it’s time for the company Christmas party and there’s going to be the annual white elephant gift exchange. But how are you supposed to know what to get your coworkers or people you’re not close with? You want something that’s nice but doesn’t break the bank, while also being universal enough that anyone could use it. Don’t worry — we’ve done the leg work for you.

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Here are the best gift ideas with all budgets in mind that will have everyone fighting to keep your gift at the end of the night. They’re also great to give anyone as Secret Santa gifts!


Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle
Let’s face it, we’re in candle season. So, why not spruce it up with this Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle scented with evergreen, juniper berry, and red currants. It even comes in a tartan box, so all you have to do is add a bow!
SHOP - $60
serving board
Charcuterie Platter & Serving Tray
This board is the full set at an affordable price! With Christmas this year happening during the midst of a pandemic, a charcuterie board may be just the perfect gift for social distanced outdoor fun or date night at home. Anyone would be grateful to have a set like this to add to their arsenal. This comes in 2 sizes and will be in stock on December 4th. If you're a Prime member, this will definitely arrive to you before the gift exchange!
SHOP - $29.97
crystal water bottle
Crystal Infused Water Bottle
It’s time to ward off the bad juju of 2020 and usher in those good vibes of 2021 with this Crystal Infused Water Bottle from Goop. The glass bottle is not only environmentally friendly, but the body is machine washable (just make sure to take out the crystal beforehand!).
SHOP - $80
secret santa gifts
Cedar Box Herb Garden Kit
Now that it’s getting cold outside, it’s the perfect time to bring some greenery to you. With detailed instructions and a beautiful, hand-crafted box, this Cedar Box Herb Garden Kit is the easiest way to introduce your coworker to gardening and the satisfaction of using something you grew in your cooking. It’s so easy, you might just want to get one for yourself, too!
SHOP - $54
bartending kit with wooden stand
Home Bar Kit
2020 has been a YEAR, and we’ve all found some new favorite drinks while being stuck at home. So it’s time to indulge that inner bartender with this Home Bar Kit that goes above and beyond. Starting at just $42.99, this compact set (with its own wooden stand!) will get your coworkers well on their way to creating cocktail masterpieces.
SHOP - $42.99
utensil set
5-Pack Silicone Utensils
Many of us have picked up cooking during quarantine and there's a good chance this newfound hobby will continue well into next year! And honestly, who doesn't love quality kitchen utensils! Whether the receiver is a seasoned cook or a newbie, this 5-pack set will be extremely useful.
SHOP - $49
soap box
Handmade Soap and Spa Basket
Who doesn’t want to de-stress after a long week at the office? With 8 different scent options, there’s something for everyone to get a little spa treatment from the comfort of their own home. With 3 bars of soap, lotion, and bath bombs, you’ll want one for yourself, too!
SHOP - $26.10
bliss plush throw
Bliss Plush Throw
I could receive a plush throw every Christmas and I would get so excited over it... Every. Single. Time. This makes a great unisex gift and comes in a wide selection of colors. Pro tip: Wrap it in a box for some extra fun and watch the receiver's face light up when they realize they scored the coziest gift there!
SHOP - $28.90
oil dipping set
Williams Sonoma Dipping Oil Set
While food can be a sensitive subject with allergies and diets to think about, it’s hard to miss the mark with the Williams Sonoma Gourmet Dipping Oil Set. Your coworkers will have their choice of fine dining with 4 different flavor profiles for their cooking adventures.
SHOP - $49.95
adidas beanies
Adidas Originals Logo Rib Beanie
Fashion apparel is typically a category to avoid for a gift exchange but a quality black beanie is something everyone needs in their closet. This one from Adidas is currently on sale for $18 so it's a great choice if you're on a budget.
shop - $18
scratch off map of the united states
Scratch Off Travel Map
Working from home has some benefits, like being able to work anywhere in the country. So while your coworker might have to table their international plans for a while longer, they can still commemorate all the different states they’ve been to with this beautiful Scratch Off Travel Map. Whether you buy the frame or not, this map is sure to inspire even the most staunch homebody to explore a bit more.
SHOP - $26.40+
white ivory tea kettle
Beautiful Modern Teapot
Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? Now, you can give your coworkers the gift of a traditional tea-time with this Ivory Enamel Tea Kettle. Not only is it beautiful, but it heats your water evenly for the perfect temperature. Pair it with a personal touch mug, and your coworker will become a tea lover in no time!
SHOP - $34.99
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