We Talk The Style Stars Of Clueless And Steal The Cutest Looks

I know for a fact you’ve tried to copy the iconic 90’s schoolgirl style of Cher and Dionne from Clueless. Let’s just quickly flash back to your outfit attempts after this game changing movie came out: you probably pulled out whatever plaid was hiding in the depths of your closet and threw it on.
And, if we’re being honest, you definitely didn’t pull it off.
Well, we’re about to make your 90’s self very happy. Don’t give up on your style dreams yet! We’re here along with the queens and style stars of Clueless, Cher and Dionne, to help you steal their iconic 90’s fashion looks! You’ll be turning heads and accidentally spouting “as if!” before you know it!

The Clueless fashion aesthetic can be described as: PLAID, COLLARS, and MINI DRESSES. We’re talking schoolgirl chic but hey, plaid is in all the time, and it’s especially relevant during the fall! To embody all things Dionne and Cher, you’ll need these key pieces:


Steal Her Style: Plaid Mini Skirt

Evy Pleated Buckle Skirt

This mini pleated plaid skirt is perfection to nail the 90’s schoolgirl look! Cher likes her plaid with yellow but any color combination will do! If you want to rock a more mature look (let’s be honest, the schoolgirl aesthetic may not be for everyone) then opt for a mini skirt without pleats. This will still capture the essence of the Clueless style with added versatility.

Steal Her Style: White Top

Organic Cotton Shrunken Button-Down Shirt

A white top is the base for many of Cher and Dionne’s outfits and you probably already have these styles in your closet! We’re seeing a lot of button-down shirts with collars, camis, and t-shirts.We especially love this button-down shirt from Theory because it’s sleeveless, so you won’t have any bulkiness from the sleeves if it’s worn under a dress or sweater. Pair your tees and camis with cropped cardigans and your collared tops with sweater vests and mini dresses.

Steal Her Style: Cropped Cardigan

cropped cardigan

Crop cardigan in textured yarn in pink

To complete your 90’s schoolgirl look, you’ll need an outerwear piece. Our girls, Cher and Dionne, especially like their cropped cardigans and plaid jackets. A cropped cardigan like this one from ASOS in a light pink is lovely and will look super cute paired with plaid. You can wear it buttoned up like a top or worn over a cami, white tee, or buttoned-down shirt.

Steal Her Style: Plaid Jacket

plaid jacket

Cameron Double Breasted Plaid Jacket

This tailored plaid jacket in a neutral palette is perfect for this Steal Her Style — you’ll want to find a piece that is light and youthful and the colors of this jacket hit the mark. A slimmed fit like this one or a boyfriend/oversized fit will work just as well!

Steal Her Style: Sweater Vest

Cable Sweater Vest

We recently covered the sweater vest being a major F/W 2020 trend so you’re in luck! If you’ve purchased a sweater vest recently, or have a vintage one from the 90’s you’re one step closer to embodying the Clueless aesthetic. We love this cable sweater vest from Loft that comes in a basic ivory color which makes pairing and styling easy. You’ll want to find a cropped and fitted sweater vest to nail Cher’s looks. You can easily sub this with a cropped cardigan buttoned up and worn over a collared shirt.

Steal Her Style: Mini Dress

Satin mini slip dress in red

Cher’s little red dress moment lives rent-free in our minds. However, every mini dress moment in Clueless is just as cute and show-stopping. The standout mini dresses we see on Cher and Dionne are slip dresses, babydoll dresses, and sweater dresses. Our favorite part is that these silhouettes are easily paired with a white top worn under or over, a plaid jacket, and/or a cropped cardigan. This little Clueless closet you’re building can be mixed and matched, making each piece so much more versatile! This adorable red number from ASOS has a similar silhouette as Cher’s dress with a scoop neck and relaxed fit.

Steal Her Style: Beret, Headband, and Tights


Wool Blend Beret

You can’t forget to accessorize! We’ve got you covered from head to toe. Our personal favorite accessory from Clueless is the beret! So simple, so chic, and so current. This Halogen wool blend beret is perfect and it comes in 5 colors! Another hair accessory popular with Cher and Dionne is a plain headband in satin or jersey. Finally, you can’t forget the knee-high socks and tights to complete your mini skirt looks.



Have you tried recreating the looks from Clueless? Which look or piece is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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