The Monet Book Club’s Favorite Reads, Watches, And Listens For November

It’s that time again — the Monet Book Club is here to share our favorite reads, watches, and listens of the month! I’m super excited to be taking over this month’s Monet Book Club post, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorites with you. Cozy up with your favorite blanket and soul-warming drink, and check out my recommendations for this month!


What to Read:



Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

by Gail Honeyman

I loved this book so much! The main characters, Eleanor and Raymond, are both delightfully quirky in their own ways, and this book really explores the depths of mental illness while managing to stay light and humorous. 10/10, definitely recommend!
The book is available immediately on Kindle or with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping here.


Spies in the Family

by Eva Dillon

I have to admit, I’m not normally one for historical/political novels, but this one was incredible. It details the unbelievable true story about a friendship between CIA spy Paul Dillon and Russian General Dimitri Polyakov, who defected and became a spy for the Americans during the Cold War. I honestly couldn’t put it down — this is a bit of history you definitely want to read up on!
The book is available immediately on Kindle or with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping here.


Okay, Fine, Whatever

by Courtenay Hameister

This book is a wild, liberating ride from start to finish. It was super inspiring to read this autobiographical account of a woman facing her fears head-on. This book is definitely NSFW though, so keep that in mind!
This book is available immediately on Kindle or with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping here.


What to Watch:




Schitt’s Creek

If you haven’t already seen the show that won a record-breaking number of Emmys, what are you waiting for?! The pilot starts the show off with a bang, as the incredibly wealthy Rose family loses literally everything except a backroads town they bought as a joke. Before they know it, Schitt’s Creek has four new residents, and it’s a hilariously wild ride for everyone involved. Check this series out on Netflix or Amazon Prime today!



Enola Holmes

Looks like Eleven has finally broken out of the grips of Hawkins, Indiana and the Demagorgon’s ever-looming shadow! Seriously, though, it’s such a treat to see Millie Bobby Brown branch out from her starring role in Stranger Things. In Enola Holmes, MBB plays the titular character (and younger sister of Sherlock Holmes) who goes searching for her mother after she disappears. What follows is a wild ride of mystery, intrigue, and all that Holmes-ian goodness we all love. Check it out on Netflix!


Why Women Kill

This show came out last year and is insanely underrated! I really like Lucy Liu which is why I decided to give this show a go but the whole cast was amazing! Why Women Kill is a comedy-drama about three women set in three different decades who all lived in the same house (at different times obviously) who navigate the challenges and surprises of marriage. There was never a dull moment! The whole plot of the show is to answer the question: Why do women kill? This show is hilarious as much as it is intense and sad at times. I was completely hooked from start to finish. Also, the costume and set design for all three decades was spot-on and so fun to experience. This show is only available on CBS but you can sign up for a one-week free trial of CBS All Access to enjoy this show with no commercial interruptions.

What to Listen To:


True Crime Garage

Y’all, this is my all time favorite podcast. If you’re a fan of everything true crime, you have to give this one a listen! Co-hosts Nic and the Captain do an amazing job at diving super deep into cases. Most cases take two hour-long episodes to cover, and they truly leave no stone unturned in their research, which set this podcast apart from other true crime ones I’ve listened to. All their episodes are available for free on the Stitcher app, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.


Revisionist History

There’s something about the way Malcolm Gladwell crafts his stories that makes them insanely interesting. Revisionist History is no exception. In each episode, Gladwell takes a closer look at pieces of history that are “overlooked and misunderstood,” and he always leaves the listener with a new and improved understanding of the world around us.


The Office Ladies

Any fans of The Office out there? You’re seriously missing out if you haven’t already listened to this podcast! Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) are rewatching the entire series, and they give us the serious inside scoop of each episode. It’s hilarious to listen to, and some of your other Office favorites make guest appearances throughout this podcast. It’s amazing. Go listen now!

Did any of our recommendations make your to-binge list? Share your favs with us in the comments!

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