Stem Cells May Be The Secret To Youth — CEO Of Nuvi Global Shares Why

Today’s article is an exciting one — I host a virtual interview with the amazing CEO of Nuvi Global, Victor Chávez, who shares with us the story and vision behind Nuvi Global. Nuvi Global is a major health and wellness brand that offers a comprehensive product line brought to you by years of scientific and medical research. What sets them apart are their formulas developed with age-defying stem cell technology, and the best part are the results.
This collaboration has been so exciting for us because we believe in beauty from the inside and out. Stay tuned for a full product review coming soon!


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A Recap of the Interview with Victor Chávez, CEO of Nuvi Global:

  • The Inspiration and Story Behind Nuvi Global
    • Victor has been in the industry for 20 years and found that there was a need for natural stem cell supplements. He has a medical background and worked with medical researchers to create Nuvi Global’s stem cell formula.
  • Please tell us about the power of stem cells. What is special behind stem cells in beauty and wellness? We’d also love to know about Stemforte Plus.
    • The discovery of stem cells was transformative so Victor made his products available globally
    • Stem cells are the powerhouse of youth — they produce energy and make you feel regenerated
    • Stem cells renew and regenerate the body from the inside out by boosting the health of organs
    • It’s much better to have your body produce stem cells naturally, rather than applying them
    • People begin to lose their stem cells in their 20’s which leads to premature aging

nuvi global

  • What was the product development process like?
    • It can take anywhere from 3 to 10 years
    • It starts with the research of botanical ingredients to individual clinical studies
    • There are extensive steps to ensure the products are non-toxic
    • Nuvi Global does not test on animals
  • For viewers who have never heard of Nuvi Global, what is one takeaway you want them to leave this video with? What is one product you believe is an absolute must-try?
    • Their pride and joy is Stemforte Plus because it renews and regenerates you from the inside by bringing longevity and health to your organs, which in turn will bring youthfulness and renewal to the outermost parts of the body
    • Their coffees also incorporate key beneficial ingredients and come in 6 different flavors
    • Their detox formula, Nuvi Detox, is also extremely effective to cleanse the body of toxins

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Is there something new you learned about stem cells? Are you looking to try any products from Nuvi Global? Share with us in the comments below!

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