Here Are The Best, Most Effective Facial Hair Removal Methods

I’m sure we can all agree that the thought of facial hair removal makes us squirm! It’s definitely not a pleasant activity to upkeep our appearance, but for some of us it’s a necessary part of our routine. And others happily embrace all facial and body hair as it is!

For those of us who are looking to do a little maintenance, this post breaks down facial hair removal methods by pain level. Because our faces are so delicate, it’s extremely important to take a gentle, yet effective approach to hair removal. We discuss every hair removal method for you so that you can decide which method works best for your needs, we’ll tell you how to do it properly and safely, and we’ll share our favorite products with you.

facial hair removal


Low Pain Level Methods:

1. Shaving

  • This method is ideal for for fine hair all over the face

  • Pain Level: low

  • Tip: This DIY facial hair removal method is becoming really popular because of the low pain level and how quickly you can do it. You can accomplish at-home dermaplaning with an eyebrow razor, which will effectively remove face fuzz. This method can also be used to clean and shape stray, light eyebrow hairs. If you are using a traditional razor, we recommend shaving in the shower once your face has been steamed and softened, using a pre-shave oil to help with lubrication and protection. Additionally, opt for two-blade razors to decrease the chances of a razor burn. Make sure to apply a hydrating moisturizer once the job is done! The downside to shaving is that the hair isn’t removed completely, just cut short. So if your hair grows fast, this will be a routine you’ll find yourself doing more often than you’d like.


2. Tweezing

  • This method is ideal for small areas that require precision. Examples include stray hairs on the face or shaping eyebrows.

  • Pain Level: low to moderate

  • Tip: This is a method you can do at home and is a safe, low-risk method (don’t over pluck those brows though!). If you have very light brows and thin hairs like myself, the tweezing method will work just fine. Remember to sanitize your tweezers before you start, and it also helps to warm the surface of the skin before plucking, as this opens up the follicle and makes the hairs less stubborn. If you have deep-rooted hairs, warming the skin will decrease some of the pain. After I pluck my brows, I also will use a cooling aloe vera gel or cold water to calm the skin.


Medium to High Pain Level Methods:

3. Epilation

  • This facial hair removal method is ideal for larger areas of the face and even the body, where you don’t need much precision

  • Tip: An epilation device basically acts as multiple tweezers working together. It’s effective for removing hair in between waxes as this plucks out multiple hairs at once. This method is recommended for areas like the side of your face, chin, and even underarms, but we don’t recommend using this method to shape your brows or for precision removal.



4. Threading

  • This method is ideal for precision removal of the eyebrows and upper lip

  • Tip: This method takes a lot of skill as it uses a double cotton thread that is strategically placed and pulled extremely taut around the hairs that are quickly twisted off. This method offers beautiful results and is a great way to shape brows.

High Pain Level Methods:

5. Waxing

  • This facial hair removal method is ideal for coarse, thick hair and for larger areas or skin that isn’t easily irritated. It’s most often used for arms and legs but could also be effective on the face

  • Tip: You can pretty much get waxing done at any esthetician office or beauty salon, and it’s commonly done on the upper lip, cheeks, brows, and chin. This method isn’t for everyone because of the skin sensitivity it can cause, so if you have sensitive skin another method may be more ideal. Because of the larger areas that are being waxed, the pain can be quite a lot for some people. However, eyebrow waxing is quick and you get very clean results. There are now natural kits that you can use to wax at home. This takes practice so be careful!



6. Electrolysis

  • This is a permanent facial hair removal method that is ideal for fine hair and smaller areas

  • Tip: Like laser, this technique permanently removes the hair follicle one at a time using concentrated heat. Unlike laser hair removal, this technique is more ideal for the face as it targets light or fuzzy hairs. This method is not DIY-safe and you should visit a professional establishment to get it done, since it uses a needle to penetrate the follicle.


Have you tried any of these facial hair removal methods? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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