10 Reasons Why It Makes More Sense To Shop The Men’s Department

Growing up we may have felt like we were only “supposed” to shop from the female section. However, it’s now 2020 and many norms have been challenged over time, especially in fashion. As fashion has evolved, we find that art is genderless and we should be allowed to wear whatever we want to as long as we feel good in it! Self-expression aside, it actually pays to shop in the men’s department.
What do I mean by this? It’s easier to find items you’re looking for when you’re not restricting yourself to just a certain department, and oftentimes we can even score better deals in men’s fashion than women’s.

Here are 10 reasons why it makes more sense to shop in the men’s department.


1. Oversized fit

I LOVE an oversized fit for just about anything – tees, sweaters, hoodies, jeans. As a petite girl, I really enjoy the look of being swallowed in my clothes but I naturally feel more comfortable in looser-fitting clothes anyway. When I shop in the women’s department I tend to size up to a medium (when I’m actually an XS) because I want that oversized fit. Shopping in the men’s department gives you more options and pretty much everything will be oversized, so if that’s your aesthetic, you’ve hit the jackpot.

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2. Graphic Designer Tees

Graphic designer tees can actually be half the cost for men and they look just as cool. Oversized graphic tees have always been in trend and will be a staple forever, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

3. Button-Down Shirts

The options are limitless for this one. Men’s button-down shirts fit women especially well, and you can achieve the effortless 90’s look without the side pleats that a lot of women’s button-down shirts are designed with. Additionally, many women’s button-down shirts are now advertised as having a “boyfriend fit,” but it’s actually cheaper to purchase a men’s piece which will give you the same exact look for a fraction of the cost.

4. Hoodies/Vests

Hoodies are pretty much a staple for everyone, but you get more solid color options if you shop from the men’s section and they also tend to be made in a heavier knit and will last you longer. Grandpa vests are rising in popularity and we’ll be seeing a lot of those this season. These vests are going to be more affordable if you snag it from the men’s section!

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5. Accessories

With fall here and winter just right around the corner, you might want to check out the men’s department for accessories that will keep you cozy. If you like a more minimalist style, men’s scarves normally come in a neutral palette with classic patterns. I’ve also had more luck shopping for beanies in the men’s section because I like a slouchy fit. As for other hats, you’ll have more options for baseball caps and bucket hats.

6. Outerwear

More specifically, blazers and coats. You might find coats to fall longer than you’d like if you’re not a tall gal, but the tailoring is usually better so that’s the main trade-off. The same goes for blazers — we highly recommend shopping men’s if you are searching for an oversized blazer. We love styling a men’s blazer with a sleek dress for a stylish contrast. Men’s blazers always have functional pockets, sharp tailoring, and are very flattering on the body. Other outerwear pieces worth checking out in the men’s section: bomber jackets, leather jackets, denim jackets.

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7. Sweaters/Cardigans

Just like hoodies, you’ll find a lot of solid colors for sweaters and they’re normally cheaper as well. In recent years I’ve also had better luck finding ugly Christmas sweaters in the men’s section, so keep that in mind for this year!  As for men’s cardigans, they’re oversized and come in staple colors and cool patterns that pair well with pretty much anything.

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8. Watches

Don’t be afraid to check out men’s jewelry. There are so many beautiful men’s watches that will give you a different look and feel from women’s, but they are equally as timeless.
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9. Flannels

ALWAYS shop the men’s department for flannels. This is the one piece for which it absolutely pays to shop men’s because they have way better color combinations, fit extremely well, and are usually made in a heavier brushed woven fabric. I have one from Target that I bought on a whim and I wear it all the time.

10. Joggers/Sweatpants

Loungewear has been the wave this year, especially the super relaxed streetwear-inspired styles (think Fear of God). Women’s joggers tend to be more tapered and lightweight than men’s so if you’re looking for a true baggy fit like this one, we recommend the men’s department to find what you’re looking for.

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It’s known in the fashion industry that the prices for women’s apparel and accessories have a higher mark-up because of women’s shopping habits. You’ll find pieces that are just as amazing in quality (if not better) in the men’s department for a fraction of the price sometimes. If you’re looking for items that are unisex, we highly recommend giving the men’s department a try first. I personally incorporate a lot of menswear into my wardrobe, including vintage pieces from my dad and grandpa, which adds another fun element to dressing up.

Do you regularly shop menswear? Do you have any shopping tips you’d like to share with us? Comment below!

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