How To Modernize Your Favorite Vintage Brooches In Style

Do you have any *vintage* brooches lying in your collection of accessories just waiting to be styled? Styling brooches can be tricky since they are often categorized as “old lady” accessories, but that’s not true at all, and we’ll show you exactly why today. Styling something in a fresh, modern way is a major fashion statement and adds an element of allure and maturity to whatever you’re wearing. Brooches are the perfect accessory to do this.


An Oversized Moment

The first way to bring a modern take to brooch styling is by going oversized. We recently covered the reasons why it makes more sense to shop the men’s department and this is the perfect example! There’s something super high-fashion about pairing an oversized tailored blazer with chunky embellished brooches. You can even pair it with sparkling, sleek brooches for a cool contrast between casual and formal.

Cuff Embellishment

If your top is looking a little plain, or you want to elevate it into a formal piece, you can use a brooch to secure the rolled cuff. This will make it look like the brooch is part of the top, and it acts like an intentional design detail. Another option is to decorate the cuffs of a plain blazer. We especially like the contrast between black and gold for this.

Waist Fastener

Smart placing of a brooch can make it look like a button or fastener on your garment. Placing it on the side looks super chic and creates an interesting focal point for the outfit. You can do this for any style of skirt in a heavier fabric to support the brooch, or you can even place it behind a looser-fit dress to create a waistline.

Neckline Decor

Decorate the neckline with a brooch! This is the easiest way to style a brooch, but where you place it and the kind of neckline you’re rocking will make all the difference. For a modern twist, you can “stack” your brooches and play with different sizes on the lapel of a blazer or cardigan. A fresh take is wearing a brooch on an asymmetrical top or dress which is beautiful for formal events. To vamp up a deep/plunge neckline, add a brooch to the lowest part of the neckline.

Browse Our Picks

We’ve hand selected a collection of vintage and new brooches that will look amazing on their own or mix and matched! We personally recommend visiting online luxury consignment stores to score pre-loved designer brooches.



What are your favorite ways to style a brooch? Share with us in the comments below!

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