Step Up Your Mask Game With These Fashionable Masks

By now I’m sure we’ve all pretty much accepted that face masks are going to stay awhile, so why not have some fun with them? I was using the disposable medical masks for quite a few months after the lockdown mandate, but since June I’ve really built my face mask collection into something quite impressive (I have one to match every outfit basically!). If you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely find some goodies in this post.

*A quick reminder to properly wear your mask whenever you go out and follow social distancing guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID. Additionally, we recommend wearing masks that have at least 3 layers of protection when you will be near people/indoors. 2-layer masks tend to be more breathable which are suitable for outdoor activities like hikes or walking your dog.


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Pack of 5 VECO Cotton Fabric Face Masks

These comfy masks are also made of 3 layers for extra protection in a very soft cotton fabric. You can choose to buy a 5-pack for $38 or individuals and pack of 2’s.

SHOP – $38

3-Pack Layered Cotton Masks

These masks are going to be your basic, breathable cotton face masks with adjustable ear loops (this makes them a lot more comfortable). They are reusable and washable.

SHOP – $10.99

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H-Mask Metallic Face Mask Coverings, 3-Pack

These metallic face masks will command attention. Wear bright red to attract ultimate attention, or choose the black for a formal occasion. Let’s be honest: you can’t go wrong.

SHOP – $36

Face Mask Chain with Charms

Not a face mask, but I just had to add this one in here since I find it so useful and have received so many compliments on my face mask chains! I own two – a simple gold chain, and this one with the flower pendants. They look like earrings when your mask is on, and are really convenient when you have to remove your mask and don’t want to stuff the mask in your purse, pocket, or hold it in your hands.

SHOP – $13

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face masks

Women’s 2-Pack Fabric Face Masks

Get into the fall mood with this pack of striped and floral cotton face masks. They’re popular for their comfort, and feature a filter pocket where you can add a filter of your choice for more protection.

SHOP – $5

3-Pack Sustainable Masks

We love how pretty and soft this 3-pack of sustainable masks are, and they come in quite a few color combinations. Fabricated with 100% double deadstock cotton and linen.

SHOP – $21

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face mask

Mask Scrunchie Set

Okay we couldn’t pass up this adorable mask and scrunchie set. If you want to make an adorable fashion statement, this is a must-have!

SHOP – $18

Pack of 3 Face Coverings

For every set sold, a mask is donated to a charity. These masks are reusable, washable, and adjustable with over 700 positive reviews.

SHOP – $32

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face mask

Tie-Dye Face Mask

For a cute tie-dye moment, we like this mask from Re/done which offers a universal fit and is breathable. They’re also machine-washable, and the elastic ear loops are comfy.

SHOP – $4.96

Seamless Face Mask

The seamless face masks from Skims are super sleek and minimalist, which is extremely stylish especially if they match your skin tone. I actually prefer keeping my face masks solid so they can easily match my outfits.

SHOP – $8

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4-Layer Face Mask with Filter

This Airquilo brand is my favorite ever — I bought a 4-pack for my whole family then another 4-pack for myself in an assortment of colors. These are by far the most comfortable and highest quality masks I own. They come with adjustable ear loops and adjustable nose clips. Just one note… because it’s a 4-layered mask, it’s not the most breathable, but it offers major protection and I feel so much safer wearing these.

SHOP – $9.99

Dog Face Mask

If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ll be delighted at how many doggy face masks this seller hand makes! I have a corgi, so naturally I bought the corgi one but they carry just about every dog breed. The masks are also super comfy and fit perfectly.

SHOP – $14.95

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face masks

Striped Seersucker Face Mask

These fun, striped face coverings come with ear elastic beads for the perfect fit, and the breathable linen is lightweight. They’re easily washable, and they won’t lose quality after each clean.

SHOP – $12.50

Adult Adjustable Face Mask Set of 2

These face masks from Baublebar offer a wide range of colors and designs so you’ll definitely find one you’ll love. Additionally, these have adjustable ear loops with a comfy fit.

SHOP – $8

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What is your favorite fashionable mask? Let us know in the comments.

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