Overcoming My Social Anxiety For the Blog : The Bloggers Who Brunch Wellness Brunch


One of my biggest hesitations in starting a blog was that I am not a naturally social person. I’m an introvert. And everyone I knew who had a blog or people I followed on social media with blogs seemed to be social butterflies, always at events, surrounded by people, laughing and having a wonderful time as the life of the party. That’s SO not me- I would be the one in the back of the room eating a plate of desserts hoping no one notices me.

So while I felt like I had a voice and something to say, I knew my shyness would be a problem. I’ve been working on it BIG TIME. I have really been pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone (at home in my pajamas) and get out into the world and meet new people. It’s so hard. I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right? I always assume no one will know who I am or remember me, even if I have met them a dozen times. I always feel like whatever I wore isn’t right, whatever I said was dumb, I either arrived too late or too early, everyone is so much more elegant, more fabulous, younger, more accomplished, blah blah blah. It’s social anxiety at it’s worst and I need to overcome it.

So this weekend I did a thing. A thing I never would have done before this blog. So thank you guys, thank you guys so much for making me push beyond my comfort zone and come out of my shell. To tell my social anxiety to shut the fuck up.


I was invited to attend the Bloggers Who Brunch Health & Wellness Summer Kickoff at Palisades Village this Saturday morning and I RSVP’ed assuming that at least a few of my blogger friends would be going. They said they were limiting the attendees to 100, out of 100 people I HAVE to know someone, right? WRONG. No one I knew was going. So I had to decide- go ALONE or be a flake. I decided to go alone and see if I could handle it.

The event was a 30 minute dance cardio “Sweat Session” hosted by Aubre Winters followed by a brunch hosted by Suja juice and Lavazza coffee. So I was gonna bounce around in exercise clothes and sweat in front of total strangers and probably embarrass myself considering this girl’s got zero rhythm… no problem, right? Saturday morning I tried HARD to talk myself out of it, I tried to get my husband to admit he would prefer me to stay home since Saturday is “family time”. It didn’t work. His exact words were “GO… I don’t need a babysitter, you better leave or you’ll hit traffic”. Thanks for the support babe.

I got there on time and found the event space, it was in the Palisades Village which by the way is the CUTEST little shopping mecca I have ever seen. I thought we had cute shopping centers here in OC, but this puts ours to shame. It looks like an adorable little European village… but with all your fave indie stores. The courtyard lawn was decorated with a garden wall with the Bloggers Who Brunch logo, a Lavazza coffee station, an acai bowl buffet and speakers playing cardio music.

Before the workout session I forced myself to chat with a few other early birds and take photos. I met Aubre and Alex Georgy, the CEO of Bloggers Who Brunch (girl boss status). Once the workout got started I realized none of us knew what we were doing and everyone felt as uncomfortable as I did. We all tried to keep up and laughed and gave high fives when we managed not to kick each other in the face. Afterward everyone talked while we made our own acai bowls and it was super relaxed, other than a handful of people it didn’t seem like anyone knew anyone else. So everyone was in the same boat.


I’m so glad I made myself go to an event like this and I am so happy that I put myself out there. The only way for things like this to get easier is to just do them repeatedly until they don’t scare you anymore. And after Saturday’s event, I am one step closer.

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