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Exploring Alternatives to Buxom’s Beloved (Discontinued) Lip Crayon

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I did it! I filmed my first ever video for you guys! I decided to review one of my favorite cosmetics companies, Buxom, and their line of lip products and the easiest way to do that was by doing a video. After I recently discovered Buxom had discontinued my favorite lip product, their Full-On Lipstick, I decided to try out as many of their other lip products that I could to try and find a suitable replacement. So here you go… this is me in all of my awkwardness.

If you want to try any of the products I’ve mentioned here (and stay home in your pajamas), Buxom was nice enough to offer free shipping for all of you on their site for any order over $25 just by clicking below.

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Skipped the video? Here’s a recap of my review with each photo being a shoppable link if you’d like to try the exact products I used easily:

1. Full On Lip Cream in “Mudslide”

I liked this natural nude color, but the glossy cream formula just wasn’t for me. Too thick and too glossy, I prefer a longer wearing and more matte finish.

2. Pillow Pout in “Spicy” and “Cuddle Me”

The applicator sponge takes some getting used to, but I liked the powdery finish. It’s surprisingly not drying but gives a long lasting matte finish with no transfer. I did not get any plumping effects whatsoever though? The color spicy is a nice orangey red that’s good for evening and cuddle me is a deep nude pink which I liked for daytime. I am keeping these in heavy rotation- big winners for me.

3. Bold Gel Lipstick in “White Russian”

This lipstick is so nude that it almost disappears on my lips and the formula has no wear. It needs constant reapplying. Not for me, although it has a nice feel on the lips, it’s just too much maintenance.

4. PowerPlump Lip Balm in “Glowing”

This is also a big winner for me, even though I did not notice any plumping effects at all. The balm feels like a lip treatment and the color is very flattering and natural. A nice alternative to a chapstick or Burts Bees.

5. Plumpline Lip Liner in “Ransom”

I could NOT get this lip liner to work for me. It was way too pink and I just couldn’t get the liner to work, probably user error?

6. VavaPlump in “A Muse Me”

This was waaaaayyyy too pink, like neon pink. I need to try this in a more flattering color. The formula was also much too sticky and glossy for my preference and I didn’t see any plumping effects.


Final Results:

I have continued to use the Pillow Pout and Power Plump Lip Balm on a regular basis and love them both. The closest match to the Full On Lipstick that I was trying to replace was the Pillow Pout.

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