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When Worry Becomes Something to Worry About…

I have struggled with anxiety my whole life. I never really knew that’s what it was called. It went all the way back to memories of  being in preschool and crying so hard when my mom dropped me off that I was unconsolable. This “thing” affected so much of my life. I was afraid to take chances and try new things. And I was terrified of the thought of my mom passing away. We were so so close. She had me at a later age and I always was so worried I would lose her earlier than most of my friends. This fear of my mom dying literally consumed me at times, and made me feel awful. It was just easier to block it out of my mind.

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Fast forward to March 6th, 2010. My mom had an unexpected heart attack and died at the age of 84. I had to confront my biggest fear. But I wasn’t ready yet. I buried those feelings and just moved on with my busy life being a mom and wife. I distracted myself for three years, until the third anniversary of her death. I was just triggered on that exact date, March 6th. I was extra sad that year, but that wasn’t all. I started feeling so much panic and uneasiness, it became overwhelming. It wasn’t until I realized I was having panic attacks that I knew I needed to get help.

“She was the first person to discuss the word “anxiety” with me…”

I was lucky enough to find the most amazing therapist, Shirley Fuhrman. She specializes in anxiety and panic attacks, especially in women. I told her what I was experiencing and she was the first person to discuss the word “anxiety” with me. It all started making sense. I started medication in addition to doing behavioral cognitive therapy, and I learned so much about what I had been struggling with my whole life. It had a name: ANXIETY. I was ready to let this anxiety go and learn to manage it. I was ready to try new things and new experiences (which I have learned are called exposures). By working with Shirley I learned more and more about not being afraid and just doing things without overthinking it.

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 How Anxiety Helps With Being a Better Parent

During my therapy journey I realized that both my boys also struggle with anxiety, especially my Zachary. I am now able to be a role model for Zachary and help him face his fears and expose him to things that make him uncomfortable. I now have Zachary seeing a behavioral cognitive therapist to help navigate his anxiety better. I must say, Shirley has opened up my whole world. I used to be afraid of driving at night, going places by myself — the list goes on and on. Now I just do things I don’t even think about. I am so proud of the progress I have made and Zachary has made. We are all works in progress. We have to continue to push ourselves and keep progressing. I know my mom is looking down on me and is smiling ear to ear, and is so proud of the kind of woman and mother I have become. That thought gives me so much peace.

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If You Feel Anxious, It’s Okay to Seek Help

I wanted to write this to let you know that if you are struggling with anxiety,  please reach out for help. It will absolutely change your life . I would love to hear your stories about anxiety and your struggles with it. Let me know. I would love to talk to you further. Thanks so much for listening.



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