3 Gossip-Worthy Ways to Style Your Bar Cart

It seems every well appointed home or apartment has a bar cart these days, whether it’s a DIY version on a budget or a high end one from a designer furniture company, it’s a whole trend to display your barware as part of your aesthetic. And it’s a super easy way to let your guests help themselves to a drink or cocktail without scrounging through your kitchen cabinets because no one wants that. Right now, when going out to the bar is NO GO, entertaining a few close friends at home is the way to do it. So we thought we could show you 3 different ways we have seen these carts styled for 3 very different occasions: girls night, a kids’ birthday party, and a traditional swanky cocktail party.


For the Kids

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No need to get spendy sis. Hit up your local dollar store for cute paper straws (we found some killer flamingo and tropical umbrella ones recently), mason jars, and a punch bowl of some sort and you’re all set. They also often have plastic martini and margarita glasses in their pool section and themed party goods like miniature pinatas and garlands. If you’re staying in, use our links here or hit up Amazon or Oriental Trading co. for good deals.

Girls Night

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Think pink and sparkle and always add some flowers. It’s basically like hanging a “no boys allowed” outside your room for your sleepovers when you were 9. Think rose, cosmos, pink sugar rims on the glasses, get as girly as you want. Grocery stores sell cocktails pre mixed now or mixers available for all our favorite drinks- get some cosmos and some lemon drops or whatever your girl gang fancies.

Cocktail Party

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Stay golden, ponyboy, with gold accessories like gilded barware and a gold ice bucket. You hubby will be channeling his inner MadMen character as he serves martinis from a golden cocktail shaker. Add flowers, but nothing too frilly- branches or dried flowers work great here. Add height with a book of cocktail recipes and find inexpensive decanters at TJ Maxx Home Goods or Ross, even thrift stores.


We’d love to see the way you style your bar carts.. Share with us in the comments below!

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