Rose Milk – Why You Need To Try This Beauty Hero

My hubby is Persian, and he has told me so many stories of beauty treatments his grandmother would concoct at home with rose water or rose petals. He always laughs when he sees a new beauty product come out with rose water or rose milk in it at a high price point since to him, it’s more of an old wives home remedy. And who am I to argue — Persian women are known for their beauty, and thousands of years of history can’t be wrong, right?

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What are the benefits of rose water for your skin?

Rose water has been shown to soothe skin irritation and to reduce skin redness. Rose water also helps heal scars and cuts, contains important antioxidants, and can help heal and prevent infection which can help people with eczema, dermatitis or bad acne. When used on the skin, rose water or rose milk helps maintain the skin’s pH balance and can control excess oil.

Can my hair benefit from rose water too?

Some people say that washing your hair with rose water or rose milk can help cure dandruff and reduce oil in the scalp. It has also been used as a treatment for eczema and psoriasis on the scalp. Rose water contains vitamins A, B3, C and E which can promote hair growth by improving the health of your scalp repairing your hair’s damaged porosity.

What’s the tea on the benefits of rose water for health?

Drinking rose water, rose tea, or rose milk can help with digestion or constipation, heal sore throats, and it’s said to have anti-aging properties. Some have said it can also combat urinary tract infections.  Here are some of our suggestions if you are looking to incorporate rose extracted supplements into your diet:

cortas rose waterCortas Rose Water

This is your basic rose water which you can use for baking and cooking, or skincare — you can DIY your own rose water toner by adding your own ingredients but just make sure the ingredients you are using work for your skin needs and aren’t too harsh.

white rose tea bags

Numi Organic White Rose Tea Bags

This 18-pack of tea bags are organic and blended with antioxidant-rich white tea and whole organic rosebuds.

organic india sweet rose tea bags

Organic India Sweet Rose Tea

For those who want to avoid caffeine, these rose tea bags are an excellent supplement choice. It comes as a pack of 6 and is a great immune system booster.

rose water loose leaf

Pantenger Black Loose Leaf Rose Tea

If you’re looking to brew your own tea, we recommend this loose leaf blend of Ceylon OP leaves and organic rose petals from Morocco.
Rose milk, made with simple syrup, milk and rose water and served either cold or hot sounds like a delicious drink before bed as a dessert. And with all the added health and beauty benefits, I think I know what I will be having tonight after dinner — I mean, it’s for my health after all! 


Is rose water a beauty ingredient you will be exploring? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear what beauty ingredients are tried and true for you.

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