The Best Swimwear Styles for All Body Types

Summer is here and we’re ready for some fun in the sun! Whether you’re headed to your backyard swimming pool, community pool, beach, or lake, it’s important you’re feeling comfortable and confident. Choosing the right swimwear might be a bit tricky since it can hug us in all the wrong places if we’re not choosing pieces that are most flattering and comfortable for our body type.

swimwear for all body types

Women come in all shapes and sizes and although body types do not change, weight loss or weight gain may influence how certain pieces may look on the body. But do not fear, no matter what season of life you’re in, you look amazing! Today we’ll be discussing different body types and types of swimwear styles that are most flattering for each body frame so you can feel the most confident, sexy, and happy when you hit the water. But remember, it’s ultimately what makes YOU feel happy and beautiful! Confidence is key.

The 6 Body Types and Its Corresponding Swimsuit Styles

If you are unsure of your body type, you can take a quiz to figure what that might be (here is a good reference). Taking measurements of your body will definitely assist you in determining your body shape. Typically health experts and fitness trainers will break it down into 3 categories: Endomorph, Ectomporph, and Mesomorph which targets more health and diet related goals. For fashion purposes, we’re going to categorize body shapes a bit differently to make it easier to understand how clothes (or swimwear) will look on you. You may even find that your body does not fully identify with just one body type, it may be a combination of two. Don’t be afraid to try different styles on your quest to discover what you feel best in.

swimwear for all body types swimwear for any body type 


This body type is described as being “straight”, with similar shoulder and hip measurements. The waist is not overly-defined giving the frame a straighter, more rectangular look. The bust is also proportional to the rest of the body. You might be more muscular than you are curvy, although you don’t necessarily need to be athletic to have an athletic body shape. Those with this body type give off a more lean-looking frame.
Style Tip: Choose pieces that will break up your frame by creating focal points on your body. Think off-the-shoulder pieces, a cinch at the waist like a belt to create a more defined waist, and interesting necklines like a halter neck or asymmetric cuts. Try high-cut/high-waist swim bottoms that will elongate your legs and create a curvier illusion.



This body shape has wider hips, the bust and shoulder measurements are smaller than the hip measurements creating a pear shape. The “spoon” body shape is also very similar to the “pear” shape. There is more weight being carried on the hips, booty, and thighs compared to the arms. You also have a more defined waist.
Style Tip: Choose pieces that will accentuate your waist like high-waist bottoms. For those with slimmer arms and smaller busts, you can create more volume on the upper body by wearing bikini tops with ruffles, plunging necklines, off-the-shoulder silhouettes with ruched or gathered details, and colorful patterns (floral, tie dye, etc.). For the ladies with larger chests, choose pieces with thicker bands and clasps. A crop style top will also offer more coverage compared to a triangle bikini. A corset-styled one piece swimsuit with underwiring will offer more support as well.




The hourglass shape has hip and bust measurements that are about the same, with a smaller, well-defined waist. Most people consider this body shape to be the most proportionate, and many brands design with this shape in mind. Generally this body type will look flattering in most styles.
Style Tip: High-leg bikinis are flattering as it will elongate your legs and accentuate the bum. Classic one-piece swimsuits are also flattering as it will naturally hug the shape of the body. Details like string ties, ruching, mesh inserts, and colorblocking are also fun trends to incorporate into one-piece swimsuits.


This body type is also known as an “inverted triangle”, where the hips are more narrow than the shoulders. The waist typically slopes down into the hips.
Style Tip: Keep the top simple and refined, think triangle bikini top or bandeau top in more neutral colors with simple and chic trims. For the bottom, you can play up with patterns and added design details. Swimming skorts are also good options for more modest preferences. Incorporating patterns, flounce or ruffled silhouettes will create more interest on the bottom half of the body.




The diamond shape will have broader hips than shoulders, narrower bust size, and wider waistlines. The arms and legs tend to be more slender with the waist being the widest part of the body.
Style Tip: Many neckline styles will be flattering on this body type. We recommend square neck or scoop neck cropped bikini tops. For one-piece swimsuits, choose pieces that skim the waistline like those with contrasting side panels. Bring attention to your legs by choosing higher-cut bottoms.


Those with this body shape will have a fuller midsection, larger bust size in relation to the rest of the body, and narrower hips. This body shape is similar to the “apple”.
Style Tip: We recommend one-piece swimsuits with vertical designs to elongate the whole body. Princess cuts are flattering, slimming at the waist, and supportive for the bust.



Share with us what your body shape is and what swimsuit styles you love to wear!

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