July’s List Of Things I Didn’t Know I Needed From Amazon

If you’re needing to get your house in check, declutter, reorganize… then the Amazon finds of this month might be super useful to you! We love finding ways to maximize space by keeping our homes neat, clean, and clutter-free. Let us know what products you’re loving for home organization!



july amazon finds


1. Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream

In an effort to use more natural ingredients in my beauty routine, I fell down a rabbit hole of the internet reading how bad aluminum based deodorants are for you. So I did some research on alternatives. I found this brand, Drunk Elephant. I honestly didn’t expect this moisturizing deodorant cream to work that well and was pleasantly surprised that it kept the body odor smells away even through gym sessions and cycling class! And best of all, a long time issue with ingrown hairs in my armpits have gone away completely.



affresh cleaning tablets

2. Affresh Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

I have a front loading washing machine and had noticed a rim of black gunk building up in the rubber edges around the front of my machine. Not only that, but my clothes were coming out smelling less than fresh. I tried running the machine empty on hot with just bleach and the problem persisted. Then I found these little wonder tablets. I run them through once every other week or so (about every 30 loads) and they are like magic.


Invisible Acrylic Spice Rack Wall Mount Organizer


3. Wall Mounted Acrylic Spice Rack

I gained a whole shelf in my pantry by moving my spices onto these wall mounted acrylic spice racks. They are narrow and fit perfectly on a small, unused section of wall I had next to the pantry refrigerator. I’m super excited about the extra space and how much more organized my pantry looks. I use a lot of Middle Eastern spices since my husband is Persian, so a store bought spice rack would never work for me.




Glass Spice Jars

4. Glass Spice Jars with Labels

I also bought this set of 36 glass spice jars with pre printed labels and transferred all my mismatched spices from different brands and grocery stores, some from the ethnic markets that come in pouches also, to these jars. Now everything looks SO organized. The jars come with: a funnel, some super cute round preprinted labels, blank labels and a chalkboard pen for writing your own labels, and caps with the type of top that allows you to shake the spices out. Some spice I prefer to pinch, so I just didn’t include that dispenser piece on those. Such an easy project that made a huge difference in my pantry!!



Compression Yoga Shorts


5. Compression High Waist Yoga  Shorts

When it starts to get HOT like hot, hot, I trade my usual yoga pants for yoga shorts so that I’m a bit more comfortable on my morning hikes with the pups. These are my go-to as they fit just like my favorite pair of yoga pants and even have the cell phone pocket in the same place. They’re just a shorter length. These also come in super handy to wear under long skirts if you get the dreaded “chub-rub” issue. This same brand makes a looser fit short for walking and general casual wear that I also super love-these cotton jersey lounge shorts- .  They’re great for Summer as well, although I prefer a closer fit for exercise.


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