The Perfect Tasty and Easy July 4th Recipe You and Your Family Will Love

Having 4 kids in a span of 7 years, I got used to making recipes with shortcuts when they were small- especially during holidays. Trying to wrestle little ones into their special holiday outfits and keep them clean, get the car packed for a day at the park or a family BBQ, and still manage to make a from-scratch dish to contribute to a potluck? It’s asking a bit much, no? SO.. this “fruit pizza” has been a staple of 4th of July at our house since the kids were babies and now it has a permanent place in my collection of quick and easy recipes for year round entertaining.

Fourth of July Fruit Pizza Recipe

This recipe from Kraft Heinz is tried and true!

The total prep, cook, and cool time is 3 hours

This recipe is done in a few easy steps so even the most beginner baker or cook can successfully make a yummy fruit pizza

Makes 12 servings

270 calories


The only substitutions I’ve made here and there over years of trial and error are: I use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar to mix with the cream cheese, I think it makes the texture a little fluffier and softer. I also find it’s easier to use the sugar cookie dough that comes in a roll rather than precut individual cookies.  If I’m feeling ambitious or have extra time, I will roll the packaged cookie dough out onto a rectangular cookie sheet (with edges) and bake it like that and then arrange the fruit into a flag design for a more patriotic dessert. This is a super easy recipe that kids can make or help with as well for a family cooking session.
This recipe can be made year round for any occasion- it’s equally good with small citrus like tangerine slices, kiwi, any type of berry, peaches, nectarines, etc- just make sure you only use fresh fruit and eat it right away as it will get soggy and doesn’t last more than a day. I’ve served this in a tart pan for dinner parties and made it seem super high end- it’s all in the presentation! 

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