Love Tori Amos Songs? Then You Have To Give These Underrated Pop Artists A Listen

tori amos songs

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Are you a fan of Tori Amos and looking for some new but familiar-sounding artists? These singer-songwriters have a similar sound, with their own modern twists. Here are our recommended underrated pop artists of 2021.


Olivia Rodrigo

While Olivia Rodrigo only has one single out currently, that single has rocked 2021. “drivers license” debuted at #1 and according to Spotify has over 13 million plays daily. This Disney star is coming into the new year hot and will be releasing an EP soon.


Aly & AJ

You may recognize the name Aly & Aj from when the sisters were Disney channel stars, but their new music is a completely fresh start. Their new music has been described as having synth-pop notes and beautiful harmonies. Their newest single “Slow Dancing” will be followed by an album later this year.


With currently only one single out, Billow’s “Moved to LA” is a tune about a fresh start and self-identity. After the insane year 2020 was, I think we all need to jam out and figure out what our next steps are. “Whose standards do we live by?” is repeated in the song many times and is a great reminder to self-evaluate sometimes.


Jessie Ware

If you’re missing the vibes of 80s and early 90s music, Jessie Ware might bring you right back. Her album “What’s Your Pleasure?” has all the synthwave vibes that will feel like a throwback while you’re listening to new music.

tori amos songs



bülow was told at a songwriter’s camp that she would be a singer, and they were correct. Since then, she’s released multiple EPs and opened for Lauv on his tour. She’s going places — jump on the train before it speeds off.

tori amos songs


Holly Humberstone

Humberstone is a multi-instrumentalist, which is already impressive. Her song “Falling Asleep At the Wheel” blew up on alternative radio, turning this English YouTuber into a serious singer-songwriter overnight. Don’t let yourself regret not paying attention.

tori amos songs


Gracie Abrams

She may be young, but her songwriting comes with a certain sense of maturity you wouldn’t normally find in a 21-year-old. Her lyrics are specific yet relatable, and her voice is ethereal. On a personal note: I can’t listen to “i miss you, i’m sorry” without crying, because #relevant.

tori amos songs


Any underrated pop artists we missed that remind you of Tori Amos? Comment below to let us know who you’ll be listening to in 2021!

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