Here’s How To Make Your Acne Scars And Dark Spots Disappear Like Magic

acne scars bio oil reviews

Acne scars are my personal hell. My skin is slowly settling down (only took way too long since I first started having acne), but the scars remain. Decorating my back, chest, and chin, I thought I was doomed to live with these for the rest of my life. Only a few products worked, and barely at that.

That’s when I did research. And guess what? There are so many solutions that I didn’t think about, and so many products I hadn’t heard of. Plus, there are ways to stop scarring before it begins – hallelujah. Read on for the findings!


Okay, I’m guilty of it: I pick and pop my acne, and that inevitably leads to scarring. But there are certain products, both natural and in your drugstore, that can stop scarring right after you pick. We recommend the following:

Aloe Vera

Whether you grow it in your garden or buy a bottle off of Amazon, aloe vera helps with the healing process by reducing inflammation and minimizing the size of scar tissue. This is due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Aloe vera has been around for a while, so the proof is in the pudding.

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ACNE scarring

ACNE scarring

Spot Treatments

Straight from Dr. Pimple Popper herself, Dr. Sandra Lee recommends using a spot treatment that has benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, plus a moisturizer to ease dryness. This will help the wound heal while also stopping infection in its tracks. Wash your hands and face prior to application to clear grub away before touching up.

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Products to Help If You Have Scars

Again, scars are my enemy…and yet I have so many. These products can help minimize scars’ appearance and other dark spots you may have – and let me tell you, the ones on this list that I’ve tried seriously delivered!

Derma E Scar Gel

This gel is perfect for those looking for an oil-free serum. It helps to smooth blemishes, soften skin, and reduce the appearance of scarring. It contains allicin and allantoin and it’s full of antioxidants and moisturizing vitamin B5 – no dry skin to be found here.

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scar gel

acne scarring

Kate Somerville D-Scar Scar Diminishing Serum

If you consider your skin wrecked, reach for this Kate Somerville serum. It has DS-7, which helps to revitalize and rejuvenate old skin, and botanical extract, which evens out skin tone. The rollerball and the serum do wonders to massage impurities out of your skin.

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ORA Facial Microneedle Roller System

This microneedle roller does it all. Tiny, painless needles force cell turnover and stimulate collagen and elastin production, so say goodbye to your scars (and fine lines, and wrinkles, and stretch marks…we could go on). Apply your serum before and after using this roller to help your skin get the most of its benefits!

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micro needling acne

bio oil reviews

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil – $12.99 – $29.99

Check out the ingredients of this bio oil, and you’ll find healthy vitamins, essential oils, and PurCellin Oil, which removes grease from the formula. Vitamins A and E, calendula, lavender, rosemary, and chamomile oils fade scars and smell amazing – no irritants here.

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Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex

Estée Lauder’s serum works wonders for every skin type, and it fights against all environmental factors that damage your skin — think sunshine, blue light, and pollution. The hyaluronic acid moisturizes for 72 hours, and the Chronolux Power Signal Technology increases skin renewal, minimizing the appearance of scars.

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ACNE scarring

acne scarring

GloPRO by BeautyBio

Another product for those willing to spend a little extra, this roller combines microneedling with red-light therapy, encouraging cell turnover quickly — aka, no waiting months for that glowing, flawless skin. You can kiss expensive and invasive chemical peels and expensive facials goodbye with the Glo Pro. Rejuvenation and scar-free skin are on the way.

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Do you have acne scars? What have you used to help minimize them? Let us know in the comments!

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