College Graduate Gift Guide

Cue the “Pomp and Circumstance”, it’s Graduation Season

My son Collin graduates from University of Alabama this year and I honestly couldn’t be prouder of him. School doesn’t come easily for him and he’s worked really hard for this degree, so it will be a special day for him and really for our whole family. I’ve had several people ask about gift ideas for him and it got me inspired to write a post with some gift suggestions for grads in general. Most young adults graduating from college have already been living on their own for a bit, so they don’t necessarily need apartment stuff OR like Collin, they’ll be relocating back to their hometown and really don’t need more “stuff” to haul around and store. Gift cards and cash are always welcome and greatly appreciated, but can seem impersonal to the gift giver. Here are some other creative options for people graduating college if you feel stuck with what to give and want to present a thoughtful gift beyond a card.

Business Card Holder
If you know the graduate has already landed that prime job, you can't go wrong with a luxe business card holder. Let's face it, when you get your first printed business card with your name on it, you are SO excited to hand them out to literally every one. Why not carry them in a chic case worthy of the honor? And most people wouldn't think of this so it's unlikely they'll receive a duplicate gift. (But always include a gift receipt just in case)
If the graduate is planning to take some time to travel, noise canceling headphones are a useful gift that will continue to be useful long after they've come back from their trip. They'll thank you if their new job includes a noisy cubicle mate.
Fabric Steamer
For most new professionals, they'll be making the most of a very limited work wardrobe. And dry cleaning is definitely out of their budget. Help them look fresh and keep their morning less hectic with a fabric steamer. They take up less space than a full ironing station and are more practical than sending everything out to be pressed constantly. They'll thank you later!
Google Home
Navigating the world of "adulting" is no picnic, and who wants to call home every time you have a quick question? My daughter swears by her Google Home Hub for answers to quick questions. She also uses it daily to check the weather and traffic reports, get recipes and video tutorials for cooking, and communicate with her other devices.
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