Closet Staple Series: Statement Belt

If you are just starting to build your luxury closet and you’re ready to move beyond handbags, I would definitely recommend a statement belt. A great luxury statement belt can make a boring jeans and tee look polished and high end, plus it’s a relatively affordable way to add a touch of “couture” to your everyday look. The statement or logo belt never really goes out of style or changes too dramatically from season to season or even over time, so you can easily find a vintage version of your favorite designer or pick up one at a consignment store for a steep discount. If you are just starting to buy luxury, a statement belt will make your entire outfit look more expensive and can provide structure and definition to give looser pieces a new look.

Here are some ways I like to use my statement belts:



Jazz Up A Boring Sweater and Jeans

Taking this basic black knit Zara sweater and Kut From The Kloth jeans to another level with a Gucci Dionysus belt and animal print flats. This belt makes the whole outfit feel high end and complete.

Belt a Blazer For a Peplum Look

Using a vintage Chanel belt in a contrasting pink color, I belted this black lace Altazurra blazer to create the illusion of a peplum top and define my waist. The pink color of the belt compliments the colors of the tweed pencil skirt and really pulls the whole outfit together.

Give A Shapeless Summer Caftan A New Life

Use a statement belt to give a shapeless summer dress or cover up more definition. Top it with a blazer and you have an all-season outfit.

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