July’s Top 5 Amazon Finds

So, apart from the deals I highlighted on Prime Days, I wanted to share with you some of the items I bought on Amazon this month that I loved and highly recommend. I buy A LOT of stuff on Amazon and honestly, sometimes the hardest part is cutting the list of my favorites down to 5 things. But I tried to pick the top 5 things that I think would appeal to the widest audience and which I think are the best value. So here goes, my top picks for July.

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Linen Drawstring Shorts

It has been hot as balls here lately and these breezy and comfy linen shorts have been on heavy rotation since I bought them earlier this month. I bought these casual shorts in Beige in a Medium. They have an elastic waist so the fit is pretty forgiving and true to size. The beige is the classic linen, preppy look and I typically pair them with a white tee and Keds for a casual day, errands or lunch out. $22.99

Available Here

Wide Brim Straw Hat

This straw hat is the cutest ever and the best part about it – the bands are interchangeable. They snap on and off and it comes with 5 to get you started. It’s like getting 5 hats for the price of one. If you want different bands to change it up even more, you can get another set HERE. This hat is SO chic and elegant and light. Perfect for a day on the sand or even at the races. $38.50

Available Here


Classic Fit T-Shirt

I buy these tees as staples in my wardrobe. They are completely opaque (even the white!!) and fit snug to the body which I prefer. I buy the medium and the black and white versions. These essential tees literally go with everything and don’t shrink, plus they’re inexpensive enough that you won’t get upset if you stain them or lose one of them. Definitely a better buy than some of the pricey name brand versions. $16.00

Available Here

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Dirty Lemon + Charcoal Detox Drink

These Dirty Lemon Charcoal drinks are pricey, but I don’t drink them everyday. I save these for days when my digestion feels off or sluggish or if I’ve had a big meal or too much wine. (Five course tasting menu, anyone?) The charcoal binds to toxins and chemicals in your gut and prevents your body from absorbing them. The charcoal is a naturally occurring product of coconut shells and is pharmaceutical grade. This detox drink also contains ginger and dandelion root which help support liver function. If I drink one of these, I feel noticeably lighter, less bloated and generally have more energy. A bit pricey but worth it in my opinion. $50

Available Here

Daily Planner

This is the exact planner I am using right now since my recent switch from the Day Designer. I have a lot on my plate and it’s tough to keep everything organized, much less keep perspective. This planner is great because, like the Day Designer, it has places to record your daily goals, daily gratitude, and big picture things you’re working on for the day ahead. I am a visual person and I do best when I can see something on paper in front of me versus electronically – so it’s essential for me to have a planner. I love the Day Designer but wanted something smaller that would fit in my purse. The only adjustment I’ve had to make is the fact it isn’t dated – but it’s actually turned into a plus because I can start it anytime – no procrastinating. $25.97

Available Here

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