The 16 Best White Elephant Gifts That Everyone Will Fight Over

Nothing says ‘I am fulfilling my social obligations’ like a white elephant gift party. It’s no fun to get (or give) shitty presents in front of a room full of people you probably would try to avoid if you spotted them at Target.

Here’s the thing: I’m petty enough to want to be the better person in these situations. Let other people pass off a Dollar Tree gift bag filled with hotel soap. I’m gonna take the time to put some thought into my white elephant gift. Here’s what you can bring to the white elephant party and not have to cause a distraction to make it back to your car.


Mini Polaroid Camera Keychain 

This cute replica of a Polaroid camera is delightfully retro and just small enough to keep wrapped in your bag during the holiday season in case you have a last minute gift situation happen.

polaroid camera keychain

SHOP – $8.99

Strawberry Mimosa Cubes

The absolute cutest gift, ever. Gift these mimosa cubes to that friend group that loves brunch, bubbly, or hard ciders. Whoever ends up with it will thank you forever.

strawberry mimosa cubes

SHOP – $17

Glass Recipe Cocktail Shaker

At a certain point it becomes embarrassing to have to look up the recipe for a Fuzzy Navel — I mean, I know it’s schnapps and orange juice…but is there rum in the mix? Gin? Gift this cocktail shaker and the recipient can make just about any drink with ease.

recipe cocktail shaker

SHOP – $23.99

Self Care Package For Her

Give the lucky person who picks this present the gift of me-time with this self care package for her. Slip a “Do Not Disturb” sign into the gift bag for the complete grown-up version of a timeout.

self care kit

SHOP – $24.99

Automatic Pan Stirrer

Good thing this handy stirrer came out now instead of in Puritan times. Pretty sure you’d be burned as a witch for this phantom-hoodoo-stirrer. I love how this genius gadget automatically tends to your stirrables, allowing you to do other meal prep.

automatic stirrer

SHOP – $25


Nothing says ‘I’m classy, dammit’ than a bong for your champagne. Maybe don’t bring this one to the office white elephant party. Unless you work at Hooters, then in that case…have at it.


SHOP – $24.99

Grow Salsa Kit

We all know the type of person who turns up their nose at store-bought anything…saying “I can make this better at home.” Tell ‘em to put up or shut up (in the most loving way, of course) with this salsa kit.

salsa grow kit

SHOP – $12

Mac 3-Piece Hypnotizing Holiday Lip Set

It’s rare to find a lipstick set that will work for most skin tones, but leave it to MAC to be the one to create such a pitch-perfect trio.

mac lipstick trio

SHOP – $20.83

Merlot Infused Coffee 

This. Sounds. Delicious. Even better? These beans, which have been soaked in merlot, impart no alcohol to the finished drink.

merlot coffee

SHOP – $20

Capri Blue Volcano Mini Matte Black Jar Candle

A candle is a safe choice, but it doesn’t have to be a boring one. This lush fruit-scented candle comes in a gorgeous matte black jar — a lovely gift if you don’t know the other party-goers very well.

scented candle

SHOP – $9.80

Milk Makeup Mix Gift Set

Give the gift of DRAMA with the Milk Makeup gift set. Each set includes eyeliner and mascara, and is a thoughtful gift to bring to a party with your glammest friends.

milk makeup

SHOP – $25

Dash Heart Waffle Maker

Nothing says “I want the best for you” like the gift of a waffle maker.

waffle maker

SHOP – $12.95

Skin Renewing Masks

Careful with this one. While your intentions are good, in the wrong crowd, these skin masks could be seen as a “Wow, you need to see a dermatologist” gift.

skin masks

SHOP – $25

Milk Bar Cookie Tin

An assortment of tasty cookies is always a thoughtful (and delicious) gift that they’ll all be fighting over.

milk bar cookie set

SHOP – $22

Bath and Shower Soap Noodles

Clever and cute, in a white elephant party of gal pals, this adorable little soap would be the best gift of the night. I would totally buy one for myself at the same time. For testing purposes, of course.

bath noodles

SHOP – $15

Self-Warming Eye Masks

This is the type of gift you bring to a workplace that has a toxic work environment. Anyone who’s ever cried in a supply closet would appreciate being able to sit in their car, put on a self-warming eye mask, and listen to the new Adele album on full blast with the windows up.

self warming eye mask

SHOP – $20


Do you like our white elephant picks? What are you bringing to your next gift exchange? Let us know in the comments below!

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