How To Have The Best (Virtual) Girls Night

Listen, we all need a girls night. No matter how old you are it seems as though girls night will always be a necessity. I can honestly say that despite the fact that I love hanging out with my boyfriend quite a lot, I always could go for a little girl time without him. It’s one of the best feelings being supported by your gal pals and having fun together. But since COVID took over it seems as though this lockdown is never ending, and having a girls night is not only impossible but also not safe. So here are some tips on how to have a girls night-in, quarantine style.


Netflix Party

I personally have used Netflix Party many times in the past. Especially since COVID began. It’s super easy to use and there’s even a chat section so you and your girls can talk while watching TV shows and movies together. Here’s a tip: If you have a Mac you have to open the Chrome browser in order to use Netflix Party, but downloading is super easy on all computers and worth having to switch browsers over.

Girls Night In

Digital Game Night

Zoom is an amazing app, and there are so many things you can do on it. One of those things is games. My friends and I have played games such as Trivia and Pictionary and it’s incredibly fun. This online pictionary game in particular is an absolute blast and will have you and all your gals laughing on the floor.

Girls Night In

House Party

House Party is an app as well and can be used to watch videos on Youtube, listen to music, or play games with a bunch of friends in one “room”. The room is basically an area where you and your friends go with a link and once everyone has joined you can lock the room. It’s very enjoyable and you can get lost in House Party for hours.

Girls Night In

Wine Night But Over Zoom

Give it a go and invite the girls for a Zoom meeting involving wine and lots of catching up. This is super enjoyable and personal and takes basically no effort (plus, WINE)!

Girls Night In

Virtual Workout

You can use the app Fit On to not only get back into shape but also to get your girlfriends sweating it out with you. Here’s how it works: you start the workout and send an invite code to all your friends. Once you hit play however, the workout will start on everyone’s devices and if your friends aren’t on or ready yet they won’t be able to play it back. 

Girls Night In

In conclusion,

make the most of this quarantine. Once you and your gals see each other again it will be one of the best feelings, so in the meantime look forward to it. And remember to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 by wearing a mask whenever you’re in public, follow social distancing rules, and keep your hands and surfaces sanitized.


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