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Today on the blog I’m sharing some new hair care secrets with you and also offering a special self-care giveaway with Tri Haircare! I’m so excited to help spread some positivity during this time. Read on to learn how to enter to win!


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Let’s Dive into Self-Care

Ok, so we’re all (well most of us) taking the coronavirus self quarantine pretty seriously. And it’s normal to be a little freaked out. But I’m almost embarrassed to admit that one of the things that really had me feeling a panic was when my salon announced it was temporarily closing to comply with the quarantine orders!! As a girl who gets her hair blown out at least once and usually twice per week, I was like woah, slow down there… what am I supposed to do??

And just when I had made my peace with rocking a bun for the next few weeks, I received the most well-timed package from Tri Haircare products. Honestly, what better time to dive into self care and really commit to learning how to blow out my own hair? With great new products to help me on my journey, there’s no stopping me!

My Favorite TRIDESIGN Products

SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: TriDesign sent me a hydrating shampoo and color protector which really lathered well and didn’t feel too heavy. The scent was light and I love that it’s safe for my colored hair. Next, I tried the daily hydrating conditioner. It was a light formula, not overly oily so I felt comfortable using it throughout my hair, even on my extension bonds. I could easily use these products everyday without feeling like they’re too heavy or saturated.

DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT: Tri Haircare also sent a keratin amino intense repair deep conditioner which I used on my ends only. This was a much thicker formula and really hydrating, great for my heavily processed and colored hair. It really made my ends soft and easy to manage! I would use this once a week from the middle of my hair through to the ends only to repair damage done by color processing and heat styling.

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: For styling, you can use the leave-in conditioner which I sprayed on my towel dried hair before I started the drying process. It smelled great and I felt liked it helped get any tangles out and protected my hair to make it smoother and easier to style. The aerogel hair spray they sent was the perfect finishing touch along my part to smooth all the flyaways and baby hairs and give me look that polished perfection without being sticky or heavy, I still had all the movement and softness I wanted.

STYLING: I blew out my hair with a Drybar brand hair dryer and a ceramic ion XL round brush, first rough drying the roots upside down until my hair was more damp then wet. Next, I separated my hair into sections and used Drybar clips to pin it up. With the round brush under each section, I gave the hair tension and pulled down until I reached the bottom where I would roll the hair under to give it a bit of a bend. I went over each section until it was completely dry. I hope this helps you, especially if you have more time to practice at home! Please share how it works for you if you try it. Also here is the link to the sweatsuit I am wearing in these pics, it’s from Target and currently out of stock, but you can sign up to be notified when it comes back in stock or get a similar one in lime green here.

How to Enter the Giveaway:

Tri Hair care

I’ve teamed up with Tri Haircare to give away all these amazing products! You’ll receive everything in this photo. All you have to do is:

1. Follow @kellymcastillo on Instagram and Facebook

2. Comment below why you want to win.

3. Comment below with your email address so we can contact you!

*Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. We will pick the winner by next Friday, March 27 and announce via email.

Good luck, ladies!
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  1. my hair has been a mess lately especially my ends and I did not get a chance to get a trim before the self quarantine started, it would be great to have some wonderful products like Tridesign to help.