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The Babydoll Dress – Why I Was Hesitant to Try This Trend

babydoll dress trend

Reinspired ’90’s fashion has been the thing for years now. It’s been something I’ve taken on a case by case basis, adopting what worked for me and leaving the rest to the millenials. So when I saw babydoll dresses were back this season, I was happy to let this trend pass me by. There was no way I was going to be caught dead in another babydoll dress. Been there, done that. A LOT. Like A LOT. 
I had a baby in 1994. The height of the babydoll dress trend’s first go-around. Rocking a babydoll dress and bike shorts was basically my whole maternity fashion statement. It got me through it, I wasn’t about to spend money I didn’t have on maternity clothes as I definitely was NOT planning to have another baby. Then I had another baby in 1996… more babydoll dresses. With Doc Martens and leggings. Then I had another baby in 1998. Babydoll dresses and a single pair of maternity overalls worn with my tiny tee shirts underneath is the only way I survived. I didn’t buy maternity clothes until my last pregnancy in 2002 when I had to dress for a professional office job. The horror.

So you can understand why I never thought I would ever in a million years wear another babydoll dress. Who could blame me? The ’90’s were not kind to me, but then… it’s been a long time. 26 years since I was that young pregnant girl rocking her bike shorts and her daisy print babydoll dress and combat boots. I am a middle aged woman now with a totally different sense of style and surely would have a different experience.

babydoll dress

valentino patent booties

Now my combat boots are Valentino Rockstud stiletto ankle boots. In place of the daisy print babydoll dress from Contempo Casual I wore in ’94, I’m rocking an Anine Bing crepe shift with just the right amount of “swish”. I accessorized with a Chanel patchwork mini bag worn crossbody (similar piece here) to give my waist some definition (still scared to look pregnant maybe?) and a Valentino black beaded necklace.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like the old me at all in this outfit, I felt entirely new and modern and ME.


I’m loving the way this silhouette is being reimagined for summertime. Scroll through for inspiration and browse through our top babydoll picks.

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