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SS19 Trends: The Woven Bag

Woven Bags Cleobella


Ok, so the woven bag trend has been around for a few years now. It started as a trend of the gypset scene, a nod to all the luxurious travel they were doing since these bags are traditionally made and sold at roadside stands and bazaars in places like Bali, Tulum, and Morocco. It doesn’t get more exclusive than a one of a kind bag that you bought from a lady on the beach in Jungutbatu, right? Designers have taken note and now we are seeing this trend translated all over the runways and in the mass market of luxury.

A cute woven bag can elevate the simplest Summer outfit. Denim cutoffs and a plain tee may look basic, but pair it with cute espadrilles and a woven bag and suddenly you look exotic as hell. A white summer dress and rope trim wedges is the go to Summer staple, like Fall and Winter’s LBD- add a woven bucket bag and you’re off to a romantic picnic. And if you are looking to tone down a dressier outfit to make it more Summer appropriate, like a business suit or an embellished cocktail dress, then a woven bag is just what you need.

These bags hold up really well and are honestly timeless, they bring a wonderful textural element to any basic outfit and take it up a notch. They have a wonderful artistic handmade feel, even at the lower price points which makes them raise the aesthetic of even the barest of fast fashion styles. It can be hard sometimes to make comfortable Summer clothes feel “finished”, but a structure woven bag is a game changer.

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