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SS19 Trends : The Micro Bag


All over the SS19 runways, we saw microbags. It seemed to start with Fendi bringing back the iconic Baguette, but it carried forward as the bags got smaller and smaller, until Jacquemus topped everyone with a bag so minute… so tiny… it would barely hold your ID and metro card. You’d better have a pocket for your phone or a very patient boyfriend. Remember a few years ago when the bucket bags and hobo bags got bigger and bigger until they were comically big? Like carrying around tents and you had to basically climb inside your purse to find your house key? Well this is the exact opposite end of the spectrum.

In the name of research (I will do anything for you guys), I tried out several small microbags of the season to see if I could get on board with the tiny purse trend. Here’s the scoop ladies…


Chanel Python Wallet on a Chain

First up the on-trend Neon Python Chanel wallet on a chain. Technically not a handbag, but micro for sure. While I loved the look of this bag and the exclusivity (python can’t be sold in my state so I can be confident no one else will be carrying this little number)- I felt lost without a hairbrush or lip gloss in sight. I can imagine this bag will only gain value since Chanel has discontinued any products using exotic skins moving forward, but I am not sure I would be able to pull this off everyday. Maybe for special events or if I have my assistant trailing along with a bigger bag for all my essentials.


Gucci Floral Bamboo Handle

This bag screams SS19 and I adore everything about it. My everyday wallet won’t fit inside, but my phone and a lippie will. Sunglasses will have to stay perched on my head because after the bare essentials, this bag is full. This might be a case where fashion trumps function though as this bag is checking all the boxes for this season’s trends.


Chloe Nile Bracelet Bag

An “It” bag, this little wonderkind can be seen on every Influencer’s arm and it’s so chic I can’t blame them. I love how you can carry it different ways- there’s a shoulder strap, you can clutch it, or loop your wrist through the bracelet detail. And while it’s not ridiculously micro, my iPhone XS Max didn’t fit which makes it less than practical for me.


Bottom line- while I love seeing new choices in the relatively tame world of handbags, this is an area where function matters and I am a mom and a busy person, so I have to carry a lot of shit with me. That’s just my reality. I guess I need to Marie Kondo my purse and only carry things that spark joy (like Heath bars). For my everyday, a microbag just doesn’t work. But for a special event or a fashion moment- I will happily rock the look.

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